Tuesday, January 27, 2009


We had the BIG ultrasound yesterday. The one where we find out whether I'm cooking a boy or a girl. And as it turns out, there was no real conclusion made. The baby was too squirmy for them to catch any pictures. In fact I have to go back next week for a follow up to get the rest of the pictures.

It's definitely had me thinking...Hailey is a busy kid - a VERY busy kid. Busy to the point that strangers sort of shake their heads and laugh in pity when they see me chasing her everywhere. She's a kid who doesn't know how to just walk - she has to ALWAYS run. Now, I remember her very clearly when she was just a tummy baby. She was definitely a mover and a shaker. She kicked ALL the time, and rolled and flipped and jumped around in there constantly. But when it came to the BIG ultrasound, she cooperated quite nicely. She moved just enough that they were able to get all the measurements in without a problem...but stayed still at all the right times (i.e. when we wanted to see whether she was going to be a She or a He.)
So I'm wondering, if that's what a busy baby was like...what is the current tummy baby going to be like? Am I really in store for a child more wild then my Hailey?? I'm really terrified!
All I know is that when I go in for the next ultrasound I'm going to forgo the 'something sweet' they recommended I eat before hand - because as it turns out, my children do not need anything to get them moving. They are busy all by themselves.

Speaking of wild, I just got the CD of the pictures Ben's sister took of Hailey for her one year photo shoot (well more like 15 month shoot). Doesn't that look like that face of someone who's just waiting to go and terrorize the world??
There were some really cute pictures from the session...but I just had to share this one right now. It so perfectly captures the child I'm trying to describe.

Oh and here's one of the family - I may be biased...but I think we all look pretty good!

Monday, January 19, 2009

This has me really (really really) excited!

So, I'm a stroller obsessed Mom! I LOVE strollers and although I only have one, I spent hours/weeks/months researching and falling in love with every cool stroller out there. I like my strollers to be unique and special. Which is exactly why I'm soooo in LOVE with all things Bumbleride. Seriously, I LOVE this stroller brand. It's hip, it's modern, but it's practical and classic. In fact my #1 choice in stroller for Hailey was this Beauty. I loved it at the time - and I still sort of wish I could have bought. However, now that I'm expecting baby number two, and will have two kids under the age of two...it seems I should be thinking a little more about the Indie-twin stroller by Bumbleride. Wouldn't this be a dream???

I love everything there is to love about it. I LOVE that it's only 29.5 inches wide. That's just over two feet...and also just three inches wider then my current single stroller. So I'd have no problems navigating through the malls in this thing. I also love that it has an adjustable handel...perfect for the height impared like me - and the not so height impared like Ben. Just perfect!!

Anyway, here's what has me soooo excited. My friend Angie just posted about this giveaway on her BLOG. So I had to share...and of course enter myself. Sorry Angie, I have really really good luck, so your odds of winning just went down significantly. I hope we can still talk after this. Just kidding. Anyway, check out this giveaway:


Aren't you in love?? I am. This contest is open until the 30th...so check it out!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

18 Months...

Yep that's right, the sweet little baby who graced our family with her presence back in July 2007 is now a toddler...who you wouldn't dare mess with.

Right?? This is the face of a girl who knows what she wants and how to get it (and whose mommy obviously doesn't keep her clean).

But really, she is still a sweet little angel - mixed in with lots and lots of fun. For example, Could you guess what her three favourite toys from Christmas are??

First - her new baby.

She actually got lots of new baby's for Christmas...but this is the first one she opened and so far her favourite. Although all of her dolls are greeted by Hailey each and every morning with a very darling "cuuuuuuute". Picture it, it's pretty much the sweetest thing I've ever seen.

Her next favourite?
Yep, that's exactly what you think it is...a whoopee cushion. It's actually now in hiding because blowing that thing up makes me want to puke. And she could go for hours with it. Nothing entertains her more then a little fake flatulence.

And her third favourite gift??This little chair from G-ma and G-pa.
It's not a girly toy that's for sure. There were plenty of princess chairs to choose from, but the grandparents were wise and knew that this little child would prefer a "lightning McQueen" chair over any Princess. And she does. She LOVES it. I fact it's now turned into the ultimate rocking chair (i.e. she throws herself backwards on it full force until it falls back onto the floor...and then she giggles and does it all over again. Wild child.)

Ok...I just can't resist. I HAVE to share this picture, because it's sooooo sweet. She LOOOOOVES her babies. Loves them so much that she actually shares with them (imagine that? Hailey willingly sharing?). She also wraps them in blankets, blows their noses for them (which usually ends up with a quick trip to Kleenex box to wipe her nose which she accidentally blew as well), and gives them diapers to wear and so on. And in this picture, she's giving them a little concert on her beloved piano. So adorable.

Ok, and I have to share this picture of the Kid because I can't get enough of her when she's in a 'grumpy-sit on the stairs' kind of mood. Seriously, there is no guessing what kind of mood this child is in. She's very very open about everything. All the cooing and giggling when she's happy are so worth it because we definitely know when she's not. She'll be a fun teenager.

And then one last picture from Christmas...classic kid. Just playing in the boxes.

Which reminds me I have to share this picture too:This is Hailey shaking her head at Ben. I think she said something like "oh Dad, you've done it again. You've bought something waaaay too expensive and now we'll have to actually use it". Which I'm ok with. Really once the carpet's laid in the basement, this bad boy will be nicely positioned on the wall and we can watch all the tv we want! Anything beats what we had before (i.e. a 27inch tube tv)

So that's it for pictures. Now for a little update. I'm 17 ish weeks pregnant...which would means I'm due sometime at the end of June. Originally it was June 30th, but it's looking to be June 23 according to our last ultrasound. Speaking of which, according to the last ultrasound, it looks like we may be having another girl. BUT...nothings positive yet. I was only 14 weeks. So lots could happen still. So we'll see. Either will be fine.

Oh...we're working on our basement like C-R-A-Z-Y!! We are waiting on carpet...and carpet only! Once that's in, we'll be down there watching TV...or playing with all Hailey's toys. Well of course there will be trim work left to do, but that's soooo not important. What's really important is that we're a matter of weeks away from hiding all Hailey's toys. Best news ever!!

Anyway, that's it for now. Hopefully I'll get around to updating more often.