Monday, January 19, 2009

This has me really (really really) excited!

So, I'm a stroller obsessed Mom! I LOVE strollers and although I only have one, I spent hours/weeks/months researching and falling in love with every cool stroller out there. I like my strollers to be unique and special. Which is exactly why I'm soooo in LOVE with all things Bumbleride. Seriously, I LOVE this stroller brand. It's hip, it's modern, but it's practical and classic. In fact my #1 choice in stroller for Hailey was this Beauty. I loved it at the time - and I still sort of wish I could have bought. However, now that I'm expecting baby number two, and will have two kids under the age of seems I should be thinking a little more about the Indie-twin stroller by Bumbleride. Wouldn't this be a dream???

I love everything there is to love about it. I LOVE that it's only 29.5 inches wide. That's just over two feet...and also just three inches wider then my current single stroller. So I'd have no problems navigating through the malls in this thing. I also love that it has an adjustable handel...perfect for the height impared like me - and the not so height impared like Ben. Just perfect!!

Anyway, here's what has me soooo excited. My friend Angie just posted about this giveaway on her BLOG. So I had to share...and of course enter myself. Sorry Angie, I have really really good luck, so your odds of winning just went down significantly. I hope we can still talk after this. Just kidding. Anyway, check out this giveaway:

Aren't you in love?? I am. This contest is open until the check it out!!


Francis Family said...

oh trust me I was so all over this as soon as I saw it too!! I just haven't posted it quite yet. haha but ya so cute eh!! Some tough competition I got! ha, also I just won another contest on a blog, go check out gabrie's shop on my blog. Anywho, yay I hope one of us wins, that would be cool! and if it's you or Angie, you should just give it to me! hahaha Love ya!

Angie said...

seriously you are probably in need more than me anyway...although it would be nice to have! i hope your good luck wins it for ya!

Karla said...

I really like the look of that stroller and the fact that it comes with a car seat adapter.