Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Should this embarrass me?

Ok...first of all I have to thank everyone for fessing up to blog stalking! I love that I'm not the only one and I love that people actually read my blog. Oh...I also love that I now have a few blogs to read/stalk myself. So, keep stalking! In a good non creepy way of course.

Anyway, onto the embarrassing thing...what do you think? Is it bad that this is where Hailey napped the other day?
In my defense, she was really really not feeling well (she was trying to cut one of her eye teeth) and the only place she would sleep is in the bathroom where it was dark - with the fan on. How did I discover this you may ask? Well, as most moms would know, you will do almost anything to get your baby to sleep and this just happened to be on of many tricks I tried that day - and surprisingly it worked. Two full hours of napping bliss! Don't worry there's a sleep positioner there and she doesn't know how to roll out of it yet... so it wasn't dangerous. But I might have to set up a play pen in there for future desperation naps. Want to hear something even more embarrassing? In true first time mom fashion, I took Hailey to the Urgent Care center earlier that morning. I was certain she had an awful ear infection and I needed something to be done about it. But, after the doctor checked her over (and laughed silently...I know he did), he sent us away with the diagnosis of 'Teething". Ever heard of it? Seriously, that's embarrassing. Urgent Care!! Teething?? Who does that? First time moms, that's who. Once again though, in my defense, she doesn't even have her other top teeth yet, so when I was looking for teeth to rule teething out I didn't even think to look at her fangs. So there you have it, this baby has her two bottom teeth, one fang and one on it's way in. She's my fangle toothed little baby. Cutest little vampire ever! I'll have to get pictures.

Anyway, here are some more pictures of the Hailey babe:

Helping me with the laundry...or hiding from the camera

Getting ready for some yummmmmmy butternut squash. Seriously, I'm the best mom too (a little self praise never hurts right?)...I make her baby food and it actually tastes really good. Like today, she had applesauce and sweet potatoe for lunch and when she decided she didn't want it, I was more than happy to finish it off for her. Yum-my.

Anyway, thanks for reading the blog...hope it's not too boring for you! I've got to run and feed to waking baby, she's a bit of a princess and eats the second she wakes. Spoiled?? I think so.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Do you?

Do you ever blog stock? As in read peoples blogs that don't really know you and then don't comment? I'll admit it, I do. I'm so embarassed by it too. There are so many blogs that I read and they have no clue that I'm there. These are ordinary everyday people (not famous bloggers or anything), just people like me! Is that creepy? I don't think it's too creepy, but I think it's funny that I feel like I know their kids and their husbands but I really don't. most of the blogs I read are links from blogs of people I actually know. And most of the time they are people I knew growing up from church or something - I may not have ever talked to them and wouldn't ever really keep in touch, but I know who they are at least. And I'm pretty sure they know who I am...and I wouldn't be surprised if some of them have stumbled upon my blog too. But here's where it gets awkward:

Last week I was at the mall with my mom...we were minding our own business, window shopping, etc. And then I looked up and saw a girl from one of the blogs I read and I totally smiled at her...almost waved...and then looked away quickly. Holy awkward. Seriously, I don't even know if I've ever talked to her, I know who she is (because she's somehow connected to a blogger who I actually know), but it's definitely not like we hang out or are buddies. But...but I do read her blog and totally feel like I know her. I feel like I should have said "Hi, how's it going? How's so and so? Is the baby doing ok? Oh...I love what you did with your place...and that shirt you were wearing that one time is so cute...was the holiday as fun as it looked...etc.etc.etc." Now that...that would be creepy.

So do you ever do that too? Or is it just me? Are you blog stalking me right now? If so, please let me know...just so I don't feel so creepy.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

It's a new year

Which means I may just start blogging more. I haven't made any real resolutions or anything, but if I did, blogging just might be one of them. I also thought about possibly losing some weight or even getting in shape, but those peanut M&M's on sale everywhere sort of did away with that idea. The justification: I didn't write any resolutions down, so I'm technically not breaking them yet. But I do think getting in shape is a great idea! this baby weight is NOT coming off. Who said Breastfeeding helps lose all the weight?? Well, it doesn't work for me, I'm still holding on to an additional 10-15 pounds (depending on whether you go by my real pre-pregnancy weight, or what I liked to think it was...about 5 pounds difference). So ideally, I need to lose 15 pounds, but it will probably only be 10. I actually started working out there for a bit too, but then Hailey started teething, and I got sick then she got sick, I got sick again and she's sick again. Funny how she's sort of taken over my life and how teething alone can throw all my weight loss track plans of track. Teething?? Come on, I need to be more dedicated. Anyway, since I haven't been working on this weight thing, we've decided that Hailey should at least start working out...or just practicing a healthy lifestyle. Kidding, we're not that mean. But we do think a little time in the jolly jumper can never hurt anyone. So we tried it out and it's been a big in mommy fashion, I decided to video tape the kid.

A few things to keep in mind when you watch:
  1. She likes to jump with a friend in her arms...workout buddy??
  2. She jumps more when Ben's around
  3. She pukes more when she jumps...she's a pukey baby generally, but we've now entered a new territory of puke (hence the blanket on the floor at all times - it's easier to wash a blanket then to shampoo the floors weekly)
  4. I'm still my voice sounds stuffy and funny (although it always sounds funny to me, but this is worse than normal)
  5. We don't have a video camera, so this was shot with our digital - which means the sound's funny and the quality is not so good...oh well.
Here it is:

Oh and here are a few still shots of her too:

The classic thumb in the mouth shot
...which was followed by me asking Hailey to take the thumb out for the next picture and then she said:

What do you think I am mom...five???

And finally....look at those teefers! We think she's prepping the top ones as we speak...hopefully in the next few weeks we'll see a few more!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Sick and tired of being...sick and tired

Seriously, we've been too sick around this house for too long! I've been sick for over two weeks...and not just a little but the full blown cough, head going to explode, sore throat type of thing. I finally went to the doctor yesterday and begged for something - anything, but it turns out this stupid thing is viral, so I've just got to tough it out. But man this sucks. And then to make it worse, Hailey's been a total pill lately. I don't know whether she's getting what I have, or she's teething or she just want to make my life more miserable, either way, she'd better get back to the sleeping through the night business quick!

Anyway, a lot has happened in the last month. Christmas mostly!! We had a fun Christmas, we started it out at my parents on Christmas eve and then drove to Raymond late that night to wake up there with Ben's family for Christmas day. BUSY. We slept in the same room as Hailey while we were there - and that was a disaster. When you're not used to sharing a room with your baby it makes for a rough night. Seriously, every noise she made was magnified a million times and I could NOT sleep!! But we made it through and we had a fun time anyway (I think the buttermilk syrup definitely made up for not sleeping. We ate some yummy food... and opened lots of presents.

Anyway, here are some pics of the last month:

It's always fun when a really bad picture ends up looking kind of cool

Ooooh, presents, shiny presents

The family in front of the tree

Baby and mom

Sarah Helping Hailey open her first present...someone looooves paper

Ben and I and Hailey in Raymond (that's me in my 'no makeup, only got 4 hours of sleep' glory)

All the cousins on the Woodruff side in their new pj's that grandma made...can you tell she's used to only boy grandkids?

And on to non Christmas news, we started solids! YAY!!! Hailey seems to really like this solid food business. We started with sweet potatoes - an instant hit. And so far that and peas are the only things she actually likes. Rice cereal? Blech. Avocado? Double Blech. Sweet potato? Mmmmmm.

Oh and at the same time, look at what this kid learned out to do? impressive? I think so!

And finally, we were trying to figure out why this baby kept having so many diaper blowouts...serious blow outs. Well we figured it out:
Time for a new diaper

Oh - and just cause I don't think you'll ever see a cuter droolier baby: