Saturday, January 12, 2008

It's a new year

Which means I may just start blogging more. I haven't made any real resolutions or anything, but if I did, blogging just might be one of them. I also thought about possibly losing some weight or even getting in shape, but those peanut M&M's on sale everywhere sort of did away with that idea. The justification: I didn't write any resolutions down, so I'm technically not breaking them yet. But I do think getting in shape is a great idea! this baby weight is NOT coming off. Who said Breastfeeding helps lose all the weight?? Well, it doesn't work for me, I'm still holding on to an additional 10-15 pounds (depending on whether you go by my real pre-pregnancy weight, or what I liked to think it was...about 5 pounds difference). So ideally, I need to lose 15 pounds, but it will probably only be 10. I actually started working out there for a bit too, but then Hailey started teething, and I got sick then she got sick, I got sick again and she's sick again. Funny how she's sort of taken over my life and how teething alone can throw all my weight loss track plans of track. Teething?? Come on, I need to be more dedicated. Anyway, since I haven't been working on this weight thing, we've decided that Hailey should at least start working out...or just practicing a healthy lifestyle. Kidding, we're not that mean. But we do think a little time in the jolly jumper can never hurt anyone. So we tried it out and it's been a big in mommy fashion, I decided to video tape the kid.

A few things to keep in mind when you watch:
  1. She likes to jump with a friend in her arms...workout buddy??
  2. She jumps more when Ben's around
  3. She pukes more when she jumps...she's a pukey baby generally, but we've now entered a new territory of puke (hence the blanket on the floor at all times - it's easier to wash a blanket then to shampoo the floors weekly)
  4. I'm still my voice sounds stuffy and funny (although it always sounds funny to me, but this is worse than normal)
  5. We don't have a video camera, so this was shot with our digital - which means the sound's funny and the quality is not so good...oh well.
Here it is:

Oh and here are a few still shots of her too:

The classic thumb in the mouth shot
...which was followed by me asking Hailey to take the thumb out for the next picture and then she said:

What do you think I am mom...five???

And finally....look at those teefers! We think she's prepping the top ones as we speak...hopefully in the next few weeks we'll see a few more!


Christine Peterson said...

Oh my how cute was that! I like how you call teeth "teefers" I totally say that to Taylor too! But I say Teefins. She's growing up so fast. I totally understand the 10-15lbs after baby. When you stop nursing that's when it will come off, not right away...but a few months after. Promise :)

Jeni, Brian & Natalie Rawlins said...

oh she is so cute, I love those jolly jumpers!! At least she is getting her work out in, that way she will be hungrier and then maybe nursing will work?? nah, nursing didn't work for me either, it had to happen when we stopped that. good luck!! I hate those last few! although you always look great!

Randa said...

I really like your cute video but Melia LOVES it! Now every time i get on the computer she comes over and demands to see the 'baby jump'! many many times =)

Jewel said...

First of all, you look great Meagan! That was so cute to watch some live footage of your sweet little dollie. It immediately made me scared at how fast they grow up. I know I haven't seen you for a while but it just seems like she was a tiny baby not long ago and now she's up and bouncing like crazy. So cute.

Anonymous said...

I laughed and laughed over the "what do you think I am Mom, five?" So much like her mother! :)

I also laughed and watched again and again where your little darling stops abruptly the first time she drops her workout buddy.

Love and hugs, GG