Saturday, March 27, 2010

Just some more pictures...

A totally uninspiring post...but there are pics of the girls. Which is all I really want from this blog anyway.

Hailey has been very into Birthday's lately. In fact she sings 'Happy Birthday to you' many...many times every day. So after hearing it for the 100th time last week. I decided that it was probably time to have a mock party. My mom used to do this all the time for my dolls...and I thought it would be fun to pass the tradition on to my girls. So we made cupcakes, decorated them, sang happy birthday to the doll and then went to town. Dolly even had a taste.

On Tuesday this week my cousin Emily called me up and asked if she could come visit. Of course we were soooo excited to see her and her boys. Hailey loves her two year old Roel and could hardly contain her love - see their cute little hands??

The four kiddos.

On Wednesday we had a 'Japan day'. We're so lucky to have Yuka in our family - especially when she goes to Japan and buys cute things for my babies. A few years ago her and Alisa (and Jeff) brought back this adorable Ladybug outfit for Hailey, and then just last week they brought back these adorable leg warmers. So it seemed like the perfect time to pair the two together.

Hailey couldn't stay out of the fun either.

And finally - poor Hailey, Paige has no mercy.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Oh March

This has been an amazing March. The weather has been fantastic! Which means we've been spending a lot of time outdoors doing things like this:

Having two kids is all about the swings...they just make me so happy.

Hailey on her slide - she's looking so grown up hey?

On the merry go round - net thing (by far the favourite ride at the playground)

A little yelling at mom to put her camera away was necessary I guess

Now Besides the park, we've been having fun here at home...especially on St. Patrick's day. We (I) had a lot of fun with the green. The kids just thought I was crazy:

Green Pancakes

Green Mac 'n Cheese

Green food is fun - but nothing beats a little dance party:
The Macarena?

Or playing with the door jam:

Please ignore the greasy hand printed walls...I have kids

Or crawling up the stairs:
Cute legs hey?

Or standing and walking along the cabinets:

Did I mention she JUST learned to crawl? How did this happen already?

Anyway, that's what our last few weeks have been like. We're worn out, I've been sick, and I'm really really ready for spring to officially arrive. But overall, we're enjoying life.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Quick explanation about my 'sketching'

Thanks for all your comments on my last post!! I Love the Love. But I think there may be a bit of a misconception about how artistic I may be. Let me explain:

So I didn't completely sketch the pictures on the canvases from scratch. I found some silhouettes on line and then sketched from those. So I'm not some genius artist...I just copied them. I actually traced the giraffe - so anyone can do that. The other two I just sketched while looking at the real picture because it was easier then cutting it out and tracing. So it really was easy - and I'm not an artist by any means. I'm just good with an eraser.

p.s. I'm also sure it would be easy to cut out brown paper and mod-podge on it, or even vinyl if you have a cricut or a vinyl cutter. But I'm sort of done with both those mediums right now. So Paint it was for me. But either paper or vinyl would be really cute too!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

A few weeks of reflection

My mom's brother passed away quite quickly this last week and feeling some of the pain my mom felt has made me really think about how much I love and adore my family. My parents: I don't think I could love and appreciate them any more. My Dad's the sweetest person I know. My Mom is my best friend; well one of them at least because my husband truly is, and then I've got all my siblings and in laws too. We're all just such good friends. I'm so blessed. I'm even more blessed because I have the best two daughters in the world. My two girls have been cute as ever these days too which has made it so easy to love my life. I'm usually an emotional mess for months after I have babies, so it's so nice to feel that little cloud of darkness being lifted finally. Maybe it's the weather, maybe it's just the ages of my girls, but life is really good right now.

Now onto an update. We spent a lot of time these last few weeks watching the Olympics and cheering for Canada. I'm so proud of my country! Honestly, I LOVE being love love love love it! It helps that all my family lives here - so I never would want to live anywhere else. But I still just love where I live. 14 Golds helps too! Record breaking is awesome too. Such a cool Olympics! Anyway, besides the Olympics we've been busy playing, reading (Oh how I've missed my reading obsession), sewing a little, crafting a little, walking in the beautiful weather, and I've recently started swimming. The BEST workout of all time. I go twice a week in the evenings with my sister in law. You won't even believe how quickly the inches are disappearing. It's magic!! Besides that, my life is just so normal and happy.

Anyway, here are some pics of the girls.

Paige - she is just the sweetest thing ever, cuddling, cooing, crawling, rolling, babbling - it's all adorable!

Hailey - this girls cracks me up all the time. Seriously, she is such a goof. We were watching the Olympics when she created this outfit. Who can resist a full body leotard? Not Hailey.

Do you ever take a picture that makes you laugh ever single time you see it? This one just cracks me up.

And finally, evidence of my sewing:
A friend of mine posted a link to curtains like this on her blog. Hailey's room needed them. I decided to make them instead of buy them. NEVER AGAIN. The $20 I spent making these sure beat the $60 price tag in the store, but I think my time is worth way more then $40. I'm glad they're done, and they really are beautiful. But I'd much rather be playing with Hailey and Paige then sewing all day long. However I think I will be adding a few rows of ruffles to Paige's curtains. But 4 rows is vastly different then 20. Trust me.

But because they were so cute, I thought that maybe I should do something for Paige's room too to be fair. For those of you who have seen her room since she was born, you know that it wasn't really a baby room. It used to be the office. When she was a new baby we moved the desk out, but left all our paper and two filing cabinets behind. Well this week I decided to de-office her room and make it her own. So that means decorating too. I have been thinking for months and months about what I want to do. I'm still not decided, but these canvases are a good start. Cute hey?
Seriously, so easy. I just painted some dollar store canvases pink and then sketched animal silhouettes on the canvas and painted over in brown paint. EASY as can be!! Fast and cheap too!

Anyway, that's it for now. I'm glad that once in a while I can have a good mushy lovey dovey post, because there have been quite a few complaining sad posts too. I'm happy to be so happy.

p.s. did I mention that at 8 months Paige has 8 teeth and can now crawl! YAY PAIGE!