Saturday, March 27, 2010

Just some more pictures...

A totally uninspiring post...but there are pics of the girls. Which is all I really want from this blog anyway.

Hailey has been very into Birthday's lately. In fact she sings 'Happy Birthday to you' many...many times every day. So after hearing it for the 100th time last week. I decided that it was probably time to have a mock party. My mom used to do this all the time for my dolls...and I thought it would be fun to pass the tradition on to my girls. So we made cupcakes, decorated them, sang happy birthday to the doll and then went to town. Dolly even had a taste.

On Tuesday this week my cousin Emily called me up and asked if she could come visit. Of course we were soooo excited to see her and her boys. Hailey loves her two year old Roel and could hardly contain her love - see their cute little hands??

The four kiddos.

On Wednesday we had a 'Japan day'. We're so lucky to have Yuka in our family - especially when she goes to Japan and buys cute things for my babies. A few years ago her and Alisa (and Jeff) brought back this adorable Ladybug outfit for Hailey, and then just last week they brought back these adorable leg warmers. So it seemed like the perfect time to pair the two together.

Hailey couldn't stay out of the fun either.

And finally - poor Hailey, Paige has no mercy.


Christine Peterson said...

Such a great idea to have birthday parties for the dolls. Taylor has been bugging me about her bday and is obsessed about it. So that's a great idea.

The Harker Family said...

Adorable pics! In January Camden was talking about his birthday too...what's up with all these kids and birthdays! Ha, ha, ha! Given that his birthday was only in April we just had a "Winter Party" and invited some of his friends over and made cup cakes and played games. Ever since then he hasn't mention a word about "birthday parties", even though his actual birthday is next week! So that works too! But I like the doll idea! Less work! Ha, ha, ha! Your girls are cute as ever!

The Caballero's said...

Cute cute. I can hardly wait to play dolls and have unbirthday parties with my baby girl. I'm sooo much better at tea parties than I am at trucks and destruction.

Oh and I would love it if Hailry could teach my kids to fall asleep all on their own, in any given place. Thanks

The Caballero's said...

Oh I really do know how to spell your daughter's name. Honest.

Hailey Hailey Hailey.

The r button just happens to be a liiiiitle too close to the e button

Anonymous said...

I loved those unbirthday parties. Dolls, bears, cousins, neighbours, siblings, even GI Joes were invited (and expected to behave).
Love to see the tradition is being passed on down.

Yuka said...

They are super cute!!!
Alisa likes to play with stuffed animals more than dolls, but that's good idea!
Looks fun!!!

Yeah!!! Japanese day!!! Anytime you can ask me, if you need something. It is fun to look for something cute stuff for my cute little nieces!!!!

Annette said...

Too fun!! Love her outfits. We still have birthday parties for all of Ella's stuffed friends, and Ella is 4. I figure any excuse for cupcakes is a good one.