Saturday, March 06, 2010

Quick explanation about my 'sketching'

Thanks for all your comments on my last post!! I Love the Love. But I think there may be a bit of a misconception about how artistic I may be. Let me explain:

So I didn't completely sketch the pictures on the canvases from scratch. I found some silhouettes on line and then sketched from those. So I'm not some genius artist...I just copied them. I actually traced the giraffe - so anyone can do that. The other two I just sketched while looking at the real picture because it was easier then cutting it out and tracing. So it really was easy - and I'm not an artist by any means. I'm just good with an eraser.

p.s. I'm also sure it would be easy to cut out brown paper and mod-podge on it, or even vinyl if you have a cricut or a vinyl cutter. But I'm sort of done with both those mediums right now. So Paint it was for me. But either paper or vinyl would be really cute too!

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Jeni said...

I hate when I look at a blog and realize I have missed posts they have made. I feel so behind!
AHHHH easy? Meagan there is no way I could have "sketched" or done anything remotely as close or as cute as that. NICE WORK!