Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm Back...

So I decided I'd venture back into the blogging world. Life's been crazy lately and things will start to really calm down once Christmas is done with. But I think I'm ready to BLOG again. So first, here's the story on what's been going on in my life over the last few months (and the reasons behind why I needed a BLOG break).

To start off I got one of these back in October:

(for the uninformed...that's a positive pregnancy test)

Which means I became very well acquainted with one of these:

Seriously, I've been sooooo sick. It was pretty much unbearable, but the morning sickness seems to have passed and I'm feeling a bit better. Tired, rundown, frumpy and frazzled...but better!

But before the morning sickness hit (which, FYI, was less then a week after the exciting news - blech) I was able to make Hailey this cute little shirt.

It took me HOURS! I'm not going to lie. Those angel wings on the back there were a labour of LOVE. I designed, cut out and ironed each little piece by one. Hours of work - and it's not even perfect. But it was pretty cute, Ben loved it, the family love it, and Hailey will never be allowed to wear it again. That's the problem with spending too much time on something, I'm too worried it will be destroyed by my little toddlers shenanigans, and I can't risk losing something that cost so much of my time. So it was sort of a one time thing.

Then a few days later we celebrated the much anticipated HALLOWEEN! Am I late on this post or what? Anyway, our darling little Hailey was an elephant...with a pink bow. I think she was pretty cute...and I'm not biased at all.
She wasn't too sure of the whole thing at first...

But when she saw that there were treats involved, she changed her mind pretty quickly...

And was happy enough to let me pose with her for one shot.
Then right around this time Sarah (my baby sister) got engaged. And a few days later picked a date...6 weeks later. So the whole family went into a mad wedding planning frenzy. All at the same time Becc (my older sister) had a baby. My mom is still somewhat sane after all this...and I'm not sure how.

In the beginning of December we all took a break from planning the upcoming nuptials and went to Alisa's (Hailey's cousin) Birthday Party. Hailey had a blast!

Although I did see a lot of this face.

But overall she had so much fun!

Pretty much the rest of the month (and all of November) was spent at home...on my couch...watching my baby grow up and do silly things.

She did a lot of individual playing...and watched lots of tv...and I did lots of moaning and groaning and puking and sleeping. Good times.

So then later in the month (i.e. this last weekend) Sarah Got Nick! They make a beautiful couple!

So here's the scoop on their wedding...they got married this last weekend. And if any of you have been here in Alberta, you know the weather was in the minus 20 range. Brrrrrr. So they ended up cancelling their photographer and decided to come back in a few weeks and take picture then...when it's warmer. But you can't just NOT have wedding pictures of your wedding day, so I was lucky enough to snap a few. THey turned out pretty good...and if I knew anything about editing pictures they would be a LOT better, but over all I'm impressed...mostly that Sarah was out there in her short sleeved dress. Brrrr.
But...because this is my BLOG I'm allowed to say this. My absolute favourite part of it all (besides Sarah finding her eternal companion and all) is that Hailey got the cutest dress out of the deal. Cute hey?

Ok, there are better pictures of her this one with her dream parents...seriously I think she loves Nate and Tan more then Ben and I:

Oh and then of course, this kid loves her Candy.

And finally, another one of the happy couple because they are just too cute together.

And that's it. That's what I've been up to lately. I'm looking forward to Christmas and all the fun it will bring. And then I'm really looking forward to the break we get after Christmas. Ahhh, I'm sooooo excited!