Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wow...that has got to hurt

"wow...that has got to hurt" - as spoken by my doctor when I went in for a suspected (and now confirmed ear infection)

"Has she really puked 70 times in the last 24 hours?" - as spoken by the Urgent care nurse when we brought Hailey in for the non-stop puking she endured for 3 days straight

"She really is the perfect doll" - as spoken by my mom while everyone was sick and Paige just hung around and the perfect doll she is

So, if you're wondering where we are? That's pretty much a summary of the last three weeks. It's been a constant battle of the sicknesses. First with Hailey's stomach virus, then my stomach virus, then Hailey's cold and pink eye, then my cold and my pink eye and my ear infection. The good news is we don't have H1N1, the bad news is we seem to have everything else. But honestly it could be worse. Now I've got to madly get things together for Halloween this coming week. It's sort of been on the back burner these days, and now I'm stressing about the unfinished costumes I decided to make. So I may disappear again until that's done...but I'll come back with pictures of all my cute decorations and the girls in their costumes. I promise!

Thursday, October 01, 2009


Alright...time for a little bit of an update. Things have been busy but slow around here. I've officially started up piano lessons for the year and I have 5 students. So that makes things busy. But then we've been spending a lot more time at home, getting the girls back on schedules after the craziness of summer...which makes for a few slow days. I'm also starting to feel human again. It takes me a few months after a baby to really feel like I'm a person again...part of it is that I'm sleeping again (9-10 hours a night...and even one 12 hour stretch - woohoo!!) and part of it is because the pregnancy hormones are GONE!! Yay! Also, Paige really has turned into such a wonderful baby! I took her down to Kalispel for a quilt retreat with some girls from my ward last weekend and she was just a dream! She had two moments that involved just being tired of sleeping in her carseat all day and just wanting to be in a BED! So once I got her swaddled and into her own bed she was fact, she was perfect!! So really things are going great!

Hailey is such a capable big sister. She doesn't even think twice about her new role. In fact the other day she was sitting watching her show on the tv while I was feeding Paige. When I came down stairs she was so wrapped in her show that she didn't even notive me. So of course I thought I'd mess with her a little. I brought Paige up to her and put Paige in Hailey's arms just to see what she'd do. Hailey immediately put her arms around Paige, held her soother in and went back to her show. I was shocked and amazed...but I guess she's just a natural.

So a few weeks ago we blessed Paige...and in typical 'me' fashion, I didn't get a single picture of the entire day. So a few days later I put Paige back in her gown and snapped a few pictures. What a doll!

And onto really exciting diaper news (no Hailey isn't potty trained...I haven't even started), we have been duct taping her diaper on though! Cute hey? She decided this summer to start taking her diaper off at night and then wetting the bed...which always results in a tired, cold and wet toddler at 3am. So what do good parents do? We duct tape the diaper on...thus ensuring a long and dry night. Anyway I had to take a picture for memories. You can see her little bit of duct tape peeping out of her pj's.

Besides all these exciting things going on in our lives (duct tape is exciting right???), we've just been hanging out with the girls...isn't this one sweet?

And these two definitely love each other:

Oh - here's the best story of the week. Yesterday Hailey and I were sweeping the kitchen floor. I was minding my own business when suddenly Hailey rammed her broom up against mine and said "cheers". Ahhh, how does she know these things?? Seriously, this age is soooo fun!!
This picture is a total dejavu for me. I'm pretty sure I've seen pictures of all my dolls lined up little sister Sarah included. In my mind Sarah was just as much mine as my dolls weres - and it appears Hailey thinks the same way. Great minds really do think alike...which makes me wonder if all Hailey's dolls will all be named Hailey - just like mine were all Meagan. I have a vivid imagination as you can tell:)

And finally, we pulled out the exersaucer today for Paige's first try. Both girls had a blast. Oh Hailey, she's got to be in on ALL the action.

I was just thinking... I never talk about Ben on here. And since I plan this to be somewhat of a journal I should include him once in a whil. He is part of the family you know. So, Ben. What to say? Hailey and him have become quite wonderful little pals. They watch Transformers more often than I should admit. He's been really amazing at accommodating all my girls nights out and has even taken both girls for me a few times so I could get out alone!! Wonderful. Besides that, he's really really busy at work. Busy!! We love him and we miss him! Wouldn't it be wonderful if Dad's never had to work?? But still made money? That would be the life - at least until he starts getting in my way. Anyway, that's it for now!