Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Canada Day

One of my favourite Summer traditions is going to Raymond for Canada day. We're not from there, but Ben's Grannie lives there and Randall and Rebecca have lived there (Randall's from there) and we always get to hang out with them...which is always fun! The parade is great...and really really amazing because I just never experienced that kind of thing as a kid, being a city kid and all! I mean, can you really beat all that candy?!?!? I think my favourite part is just being with family and our girls spending time with their cousins! We had a blast and I'm already looking forward to next year!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Birthday Girl

So like I mentioned before...Grandma and Grandpa watched the girls on their last day of school/Paige's Birthday. We were at the funeral that day and I'm so glad they were there to help us out. Not matter how sad we were I knew Paige needed a special day, yet I was so far from being able to do that for her. But G-ma and G-pa pulled through. They went the school party, took them groceyr shopping and let them pick anything they wanted, made poutines, and just made the day the very best it possible could be. Some special friends dropped off a gift for Paige as well. When we got home later that night Paige opened her gifts and ate her little mini cake! Thank you G-ma and G-pa! You saved us!

Then the next week I decided it was time to have a party for Paige. She deserved it. So last minute I threw together a little popstar bash. They sang and danced and crafted and partied for a few hours and I think Paige had a blast!!  Happy Birthday Paige! You are one of our most favourite things!!!

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Last Day of school and a little ice cream for the soul

So life felt very strange that last week of June. There were things we had to do and no way of avoiding them. Like the last day of school. Like dealing with insurance, the police, writing statements etc. Like taking care of our children. And not that we would ever want to avoid our children, but sometimes when things have been so turned upside down it's hard to find your footing and do those kind of things as easily as we used to. At one point that week we heard the Ice cream truck. Our kids had been out playing in the sprinkler and they begged for ice cream. Normally I would have been all over kid at heart. But not that day. That day things just felt too hard. But I looked into the eyes of my perfect children and saw how they knew too much about death...and sadness...and depression...and it just broke my heart. So I promised to let them be little again, and we chased that ice cream truck down and bought them their overprices Popsicles. And we were a family full of smiles for those few moments.

And then the next day we woke those girls up early, had them pose for a quick picture and sent them off to their last day of school. It was Paige's Birthday and my heart was breaking a little for her. We'd already cancelled her Birthday party as there was no way I was going to be do it anymore. We had to head down south for the funeral that afternoon and I wasn't going to see her all day. All day. On her Birthday. The thing is, she was ok with it all! She's tough. Plus Grandma and Grandpa came to take care of them...and I think that as more of a treat than anything!

Wednesday, July 08, 2015


Ben is the best. He's saved us so many times. He keeps me going. He loves the girls. They love him. We all love him. We want him to be ok.

 A few weeks ago, just a few days before Fathers day Ben and Paige went to a Fathers Day evening at school. She was so super excited about this. She picked out her outfit, asked for her hair to be done a certain way, and even wanted her picture taken. Of all the girls, I think this one adores her daddy the most. He is her EVERYTHING. Really. She loves him more than anything. And he knows it....and just eats her up! I feel blessed to have these memories with him and our girls. I feel exceptionally blessed that he gets to continue making these memories. Life is just so hard sometimes and I am truly grateful for the blessings we have!

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Going Private

I've always loved the idea of a public blog. I feel like for the most part this blog is relatively private anyway. Because honestly, who really wants to read about my everyday life? But for those that do read it, I never want to alienate you and make you feel like you need to be a close friend to read it! BUT...some things have happened recently in our life (I won't  go into details) and it's been brought to my attention that this blog needs to be private. For now at least. It might not stay that way forever. But for now it does. So I thought I'd just make this post...notify my few friends that I'll be switching over to private soon, and then sometime in the next few days I'll make the official switch. So...if you read this and want to continue reading this ol' blog, just send me an email to the email on my profile...or message me on facebook or whatever works! K? Ok.