Thursday, July 09, 2015

Last Day of school and a little ice cream for the soul

So life felt very strange that last week of June. There were things we had to do and no way of avoiding them. Like the last day of school. Like dealing with insurance, the police, writing statements etc. Like taking care of our children. And not that we would ever want to avoid our children, but sometimes when things have been so turned upside down it's hard to find your footing and do those kind of things as easily as we used to. At one point that week we heard the Ice cream truck. Our kids had been out playing in the sprinkler and they begged for ice cream. Normally I would have been all over kid at heart. But not that day. That day things just felt too hard. But I looked into the eyes of my perfect children and saw how they knew too much about death...and sadness...and depression...and it just broke my heart. So I promised to let them be little again, and we chased that ice cream truck down and bought them their overprices Popsicles. And we were a family full of smiles for those few moments.

And then the next day we woke those girls up early, had them pose for a quick picture and sent them off to their last day of school. It was Paige's Birthday and my heart was breaking a little for her. We'd already cancelled her Birthday party as there was no way I was going to be do it anymore. We had to head down south for the funeral that afternoon and I wasn't going to see her all day. All day. On her Birthday. The thing is, she was ok with it all! She's tough. Plus Grandma and Grandpa came to take care of them...and I think that as more of a treat than anything!

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