Sunday, July 12, 2015

Birthday Girl

So like I mentioned before...Grandma and Grandpa watched the girls on their last day of school/Paige's Birthday. We were at the funeral that day and I'm so glad they were there to help us out. Not matter how sad we were I knew Paige needed a special day, yet I was so far from being able to do that for her. But G-ma and G-pa pulled through. They went the school party, took them groceyr shopping and let them pick anything they wanted, made poutines, and just made the day the very best it possible could be. Some special friends dropped off a gift for Paige as well. When we got home later that night Paige opened her gifts and ate her little mini cake! Thank you G-ma and G-pa! You saved us!

Then the next week I decided it was time to have a party for Paige. She deserved it. So last minute I threw together a little popstar bash. They sang and danced and crafted and partied for a few hours and I think Paige had a blast!!  Happy Birthday Paige! You are one of our most favourite things!!!

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