Wednesday, July 08, 2015


Ben is the best. He's saved us so many times. He keeps me going. He loves the girls. They love him. We all love him. We want him to be ok.

 A few weeks ago, just a few days before Fathers day Ben and Paige went to a Fathers Day evening at school. She was so super excited about this. She picked out her outfit, asked for her hair to be done a certain way, and even wanted her picture taken. Of all the girls, I think this one adores her daddy the most. He is her EVERYTHING. Really. She loves him more than anything. And he knows it....and just eats her up! I feel blessed to have these memories with him and our girls. I feel exceptionally blessed that he gets to continue making these memories. Life is just so hard sometimes and I am truly grateful for the blessings we have!

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