Friday, November 16, 2012

Big sister

Someone was clearly made to be a big sister...and that someone is Hailey. She's just sooooo good with her little sisters. Paige is more her friend than her little sister, but still once in a while I catch her trying to teach Paige a few things. Like this morning I overheard her coaching Paige through a particular hard princess puzzle. I heard things like " you think you can find hair that matches?" or "let's find the corner piece...what colour do you think goes here?". Seriously, how sweet is that?

She also is always playing with the baby and usually is more than willing to hold her for a few moments so I can finish whatever it is that I feel needs finishing. Cait loves Hailey more than anyone too...although Paige is a very close second.

Anyway...I caught her holding Cait while watching tv yesterday and it just reminded me so much of a picture from about 3 years ago when she was holding Paige...also while watching tv. She's just so capable and such a great sister! We certainly feel blessed to have her in our family.

Hailey and Cait - November 2012

Hailey and Paige - September 2009

Thursday, November 08, 2012


My girls desperately wanted to take dance this year....they just want to prance around to music, and twirl, and wear tu-tu's and be all sorts of girly. Well...I just wasn't on the ball nearly enough to get that kind of magic to happen. So I pondered, and procrastinated, and played on the computer, maybe facebooked a bit here and there, and then finally I signed them up for Gymnastics here in town. It has been such a great experience. Great enough that I would rate it pretty high on the scale of good mom choices I've made. Paige attends her class first and I get to help her with all her moves...while Hailey babysits (hahaha). Then Hailey gets to attend her class ALL on her OWN!! They have the same coach...and let me tell you, she is wonderful! I'm especially soooo happy with how she pulled little Paigey out of her shell. Miraculous I tell ya!! Anyway, here they in action. Spinning on the bars...practicing holding still...working on pikes...and just plain old hanging out...while skinning the cat of course (something to do with spinning all the way through and back?)



A cute little animated GIF hey?

It's a series of pictures. I thought this was honestly the MOST genius thing ever!! That is until Ben pointed out that I could have actually just taken a video...and then it would have been smooth. Uhh...right. It may have also save me about half and hour!