Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Should this embarrass me?

Ok...first of all I have to thank everyone for fessing up to blog stalking! I love that I'm not the only one and I love that people actually read my blog. Oh...I also love that I now have a few blogs to read/stalk myself. So, keep stalking! In a good non creepy way of course.

Anyway, onto the embarrassing thing...what do you think? Is it bad that this is where Hailey napped the other day?
In my defense, she was really really not feeling well (she was trying to cut one of her eye teeth) and the only place she would sleep is in the bathroom where it was dark - with the fan on. How did I discover this you may ask? Well, as most moms would know, you will do almost anything to get your baby to sleep and this just happened to be on of many tricks I tried that day - and surprisingly it worked. Two full hours of napping bliss! Don't worry there's a sleep positioner there and she doesn't know how to roll out of it yet... so it wasn't dangerous. But I might have to set up a play pen in there for future desperation naps. Want to hear something even more embarrassing? In true first time mom fashion, I took Hailey to the Urgent Care center earlier that morning. I was certain she had an awful ear infection and I needed something to be done about it. But, after the doctor checked her over (and laughed silently...I know he did), he sent us away with the diagnosis of 'Teething". Ever heard of it? Seriously, that's embarrassing. Urgent Care!! Teething?? Who does that? First time moms, that's who. Once again though, in my defense, she doesn't even have her other top teeth yet, so when I was looking for teeth to rule teething out I didn't even think to look at her fangs. So there you have it, this baby has her two bottom teeth, one fang and one on it's way in. She's my fangle toothed little baby. Cutest little vampire ever! I'll have to get pictures.

Anyway, here are some more pictures of the Hailey babe:

Helping me with the laundry...or hiding from the camera

Getting ready for some yummmmmmy butternut squash. Seriously, I'm the best mom too (a little self praise never hurts right?)...I make her baby food and it actually tastes really good. Like today, she had applesauce and sweet potatoe for lunch and when she decided she didn't want it, I was more than happy to finish it off for her. Yum-my.

Anyway, thanks for reading the blog...hope it's not too boring for you! I've got to run and feed to waking baby, she's a bit of a princess and eats the second she wakes. Spoiled?? I think so.


Jeni, Brian & Natalie Rawlins said...

Oh I loved making my own baby food. I think it helped her to transition to table food cuase she was eating alot of what we were, just mashed up!
and funny about the teething to the Dr... I have thought about it, I wont lie!

Radelle & Adam said... lauras cousin! I totally stalk your blog, you are funny!! I actually saw you once years ago when you were expecting, as laura and I popped into a party or shower or something for like 2 minutes! The only thing I remember (this may be a tad wierd that I remember) is that you had on a white shirt. Yah thats wierd. but its out there now! Anywyas, my baby also spent this week in the bathroom ALOT (getting steamed for his sick nose!). So just thought id come out as a stalker! :) Oh, id also like to bust my sister Kari (link on my page) who thinks you are hilarious and often says "oh megan wrote funniest thing!!" LOL!! so yah, your cute!! oh and so is Hailey! (oh im also Hailey flecks cousin!)

Christine Peterson said...

You are hilarious! One thing I learned being a 1st time Mom if they are fighting of some infection of some kind...they will always get a fever, I mean really hot! That's been my experience when she's had ear infections,virus, yup tonight had Bruce take her in for possible ear infection,but no, something else, gotta go for blood work tomorrow. Your little girl is so flippin' cute! No worries about the bathroom, when can she go?!!!

Randa said...

this is a request from Vance and i which i feel silly making but here it is. My little punk Melia absolutely loves your video of Hailey in her jolly jumper and requests it (baby jump) about 50 times a day. Needless to say i have seen it many times and if you feel the urge to make another video - melia and i and vance are fully in support!