Sunday, February 03, 2008


Remember these two?
They would be: Hailey and her Friend Jocelyn. They are 6 months apart and boy did that seem like such a huge difference then. Hailey was just barely two months and Jocelyn was a fun 8 months. I remember thinking that day how I just could not wait until Hailey was as old as Jocelyn and could do tons of fun stuff - like smile on demand, sit up and basically just be the perfect baby. Well...they are still 6 months apart (surprising?) but it seems like less of a gap now. Well at least as far as their size goes. Hailey now smiles more...but not on demand, she does sit up too...but I'm not sure what a perfect baby is though. I thought for sure by 6 months I'd have it all figured out...turns out it just gets more confusing. Who knew? Anyway, Jocelyn turned 1 this month and we went to her Birthday bash last weekend. It was so fun - especially watching the girls together. They are going to be good friends one day. however, right now all they are to each other is soft-squishy things they can pinch and poke and pet and prod. Fun times. Here's evidence that babies do eventually grow:

Hailey still looks at Jocelyn with wonder...she really is amazing.

I'm pretty sure Hailey just stole that toy from Jocelyn and is avoiding eye contact so she doesn't get in trouble. buds
So Jocelyn's a petite little girl (i.e 10-15th percentile) and Hailey's a monster kid (i.e. 75th percentile - at least her height, her head size is the 95th percentile - she's definitely a Woodruff). So that kind of explains why they're so close in size.

On to other news...Hailey's top teeth came in. Turns out they weren't her fangs...but just her side two (totally don't know the 'real' terms here). Here's a little peak of them...and her new smile.

The close up

What's with the squinty eyes? We KNOW she does not get that from me.

Oh, do you like her bedding? I made it all! The crib bumpers are my pattern or anything. Pretty cool hey? I started them in June, so it took me only...oh...7 months? not bad. You'll notice they're really floppy and flimsy...that was on purpose though. I wanted them there so she would stop hitting her head on the crib, but I wanted them thin enough that you could breathe through them...and I tested it out. So they work, they're not the best, but good enough for me. Oh and please disregard the puke on her sheets. My mom saw these pictures already and told me to wash her sheets next time I take pictures of which I responded with 'I'll just edit the puke out'. I kind of don't think that was her point though. Anyway I still haven't washed the sheets and I didn't edit the puke out either. What's wrong with me? At least she now sleeps with her head at the other end...until her sheets are washed that is. Oh, and I need to justify that bathroom picture from my previous post a bit more...that's a our second bathroom (or third, depending on which order you're counting) and it never gets used. So it was clean. And I had just washed the mat she was on, oh and that floors. It was clean, I swear!

That's it for today. I do have a bunch of pictures of Hailey and a little '6 month old' official post to make. But I have to upload my pictures first and then edit them a bit, and I have to do some cleaning (and obviously laundry) some time before that too. But soon, I promise.


The Taylors said...

I love the bedding! Before I read that you made it i was like, hmm I like her bedding, i wonder where she got it, probably some designer store or something! lol! So nice job!

Jeni, Brian & Natalie Rawlins said...

love the bedding and love her little outfit, grey and pink one! she is sooo cute!!

Anonymous said...

Hailey makes me smile! And so do you.

Love, Gramma