Saturday, February 09, 2008

I lied

Well, sort of. Hailey really is a good sleeper, really she's great and I give all the credit to my babywise obsession. A babywise baby is a good sleeper - I promise...and I know lots of people that can back me up on that one. Believe me, it's the schedule. But I also think it has to do with the fact that we are just given the trials we can handle and losing sleep is just not something I can handle - I NEED to sleep. Some of you remember me from junior high and high school and you KNOW that I was grumpy and moody and difficult to get along with....I was sleep deprived. Ben can back that up as well...we get a long really great - as long as I've had a full nights sleep. But catch me on a sleep deprived day and you'll wish you hadn't even made eye contact. Seriously, sleep deprivation is just not a trial I can have. And I've had my fair share of heartache, so if I get a bit of sleep at night don't hate me. My life is far far far from perfect.

Anyway, onto my lie. I know what you're thinking...I have the perfect baby. Well here it is: Hailey does not sleep 12 hours a night straight. She gets a 'dream feed' about two to three hours into her night - so just before my bedtime. I feed her without waking her up and it works fine for us. She usually sleeps through it and will go back to bed without a problem. This works probably 85% of the time. Which means there is usually one night a week where she does not sleep all night. Like last night for instance...or actually the night before. Oh actually this whole week! She had a killer ear infection on sunday night and was up ALL night long. My baby does cry at night. So we got up with her and cuddled and rocked and tried everything to get her back to sleep. Then on Tuesday she slept great out of pure exhaustion...but Wedensday, well, let's just say I gave in. She hardly ate (drank?) anything all day long and she hardly had any wet diapers, so when I heard a little peep from her in the middle of the night I decided to feed her. She NEEDED her fluids. And then that's where it started. Thursday night I heard another peep from her and because I was having company the next day (Hi Laura :))I wasn't really up for spending the whole night trying to put her back down. So I fed her again and she went back to sleep....which means that last night she woke up expecting to eat again. So there you have it. Hailey's has a bad week...but to me this is just a glitch and not the norm (hopefully). Which is why I can say that she sleeps through the night, because when she's not teething and doesn't have an ear infection she sleeps well. I just have to get back to that way of life, and now that I've set a new precedent it may take some work. So please don't hate me for having a baby that sleeps. Cause she sure didn't this week.

But she still is the perfect baby...aren't they all? She's just perfectly our baby and she's just perfectly Hailey.


Angie said...

I'm happy you can have such a good little girl, but I have to admit, a little jealous of the sleeping! I know someday I will be able to have a good nights sleep again, maybe in like 5 years!

Jeni, Brian & Natalie Rawlins said...

he he he
there is always a glitch. I say there is no perfect baby wise baby. I know we had ours!

The Taylors said...

AHHH I wish I was more dedicated. I just seem to take the easy way out and am definately not consistent like you! I will pay for it! But hey funny thing is that you definately have some good sleep vibes in your house because on my way home on Friday and two kids that NEVER and I mean NEVER sleep in the car BOTH FELL SLEEP IN THE CAR!!! They slept the whole way home! I guess that would explain the crankiness while we were there but seriously I was so shocked. And then Heidi slept through the night (11 hours) the next 3 nights in a row. but then not again since then.....(shes about a 9 hour a night kind of girl) so we need to come back and get those vibes again!!!!!

Have you ever had longer blog post!? I meant to send youa facebook message but kept forgetting and this looked like my opportunity to share. Anyway i still think Hailey is perfect even if she has a hard time with an ear infection!