Monday, February 11, 2008

Randa...this one's for you

Ok, due to my cousin Randa's request, here are two vidoes of Hailey jumping. Neither are great quality...and definitley no real editing was done. The first video has her jumping to the was playing in the background. I added some music to the second one just to make it more interesting, but it's not really in time with her jumps or anything. If I were my brother, everything would be perfect, but this was something I put together quickly (i.e. 2 minutes). Anyway, Randa, I hope this helps you out a bit and maybe adds a bit of variation to your day. Oh...please give Melia some hugs from her second cousin Hailey.




Jewel said...

That's awesome!!!! I'm gonna have to look into getting one of those for when Dane is old enough. She makes it look so fun!

Anonymous said...

whew! that's a lot of aerobic exercise! She jumps steadily for minutes -- if you extrapolate, that could be like me jumping for ... mmmm ... get the calculator out ... about 3.83 hours. Then add the leg and head lifts she does during tummy time ... She's not only soooooo cute, but she's an amazing athlete. (Does all this math sound like your brother?)
Hugs and love, Gramma

Angie said...

was that dance mix 93 i heard? maybe 94? I like it!

Randa said...

Thank you for the great videos! Some time i should try to get a little one of Melia demanding "baby jump" just so you would know how much your effort is appreciated =)