Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A post from the Past

So, I'm pretty sure I forgot to write all about the amazing photo shoot I had with Ben's sister Rebecca when I was pregnant. I think I was waiting for the pictures to arrive before I posted anything, and then once they arrived I ended up having Hailey pretty soon after. Anyway, I'm trying to make sure I document everything I can...and who can forget this day? Ben and I went down to Raymond for a few hours and let Rebecca snap away. We had lots of fun...you should have seen us - I was 35 weeks and she was 24-ish (which means she is actually due tomorrow!!!) so we were definitely working together. She's a total pro though, she was laying on the ground and moving into all sorts of positions that I couldn't even get into even if I tried...all just to get the perfect shot of my belly. And it worked...there were soooo many good pictures. And I can always count on Rebecca to make a 35 week pregnant girl who gained over 45 pounds to not feel too chubby. She must have worked some photoshop magic, because I was looking pretty good...I'm allowed to say that right? Anyway, here are a few of my favourite pictures from the day...sorry there are lots and they don't even make a dent in how many I have to choose from:

So, I'm pretty happy I had the pictures taken when I did...because just a week later my belly exploded with stretch marks, I got a stupid rash on my tummy (PUPP) and I got way, I mean it, waaaaay bigger! Almost disgustingly big! Anyway, we're definitely looking forward to taking Hailey to see Rebecca soon for her big debut! We tried when Hailey was just a few days old, but I was too much of a rookie and Hailey just cried the whole time. So we'll try again when she's sitting up...I'm looking forward to it!


The Taylors said...

Ok those are beautiful pictures! She did a great job, and yes you are allowed to say you look good because you look amazing in them!!! Your belly was so cute and round and ALL baby!

Francis Family said...

You looked so cute! I want to get some done with my next one, you are so adorable!

Anonymous said...

Ah Meagan! What great pictures! Those show exactly how beautiful you were in your pregnancy! I bet by now you're back in your amazing physical state already. You were so all belly!