Friday, October 28, 2011

Maybe it's time for a weekly

I have been reading other blogs lately...stalking a LOT actually (that's what happens when your library membership expires and you're too lazy to renew it). Without books to spend my time on I've had to read blogs...and because of that, I have decided that I like the idea of a weekly column - or whatever you call it. Anyway, I've been trying to think of some sort of subject I could use as a 'weekly' and I think I figured it out. My 'weekly' will be called:

"I never thought..."

The life of a mom is often so hilariously sad that I thought it would be helpful to share some of the daily battles I fight. So here are this weeks battles:

-I never thought I'd get in a heated debate with my 4 year old about Vaccines. Really? Since when did I even have that strong of an opinion? And why was I even arguing it with my 4 year old...who's all caught up on her vaccines for years to come.

-I never thought I'd get pantsed (i.e. pants pulled down) at the grocery store by my two year old? Really? I guess that's what I get for wearing maternity jeans that are a few sizes too big...but they're soooo comfortable!

-I never thought I'd bribe my two year old to go potty in exchange for getting her soother? Really? Shouldn't I be working on taking it away?

-I never thought I'd give my kids fake medicine to keep them quite. Really? Who does that? A little juice in the medicine syringe works every time....hehehe I'm evil

*and finally for this week*

-I never thought my two year old would be so good at putting on her own makeup...every single DAY!!

So that's it this week...I'll have more to share next Friday.


Christine Hill said...

cute idea. you are too funny! I love the medicine idea:)

Anonymous said...

"I never thought" -- such a cute idea.