Sunday, September 11, 2011

The rest of our summer

The rest of our summer was spent...(can you guess?)...CAMPING!! We spent every single weekend of August travelling around BC and Montana. We camped with friends and family and by ourselves. It was a fun and busy month. We would get home late Sunday or Monday night...then I'd spend all day Monday recovering and unpacking. Tuesday was usually spent just having fun with my girls (i.e. spray park, Calaway park, the regular park) or running errands/completing necessary tasks (i.e. groceries, dentist visits, doctors appointments, paying bills) then Wednesday and Thursday I did Laundry and packed for the weekend, and then we'd leave Friday and start the whole cycle all over again. We made August the month of the quad. Every trip we went on had to be planned around our quads and we made sure we got some good use out of them. I also made August the month without my camera. I just got tired of taking pictures and therefore boycotted it almost altogether. I wanted to make some memories instead of just record them. And boy did we make memories!

Tie lake with the Hills...we were too lazy to walk anywhere, so we road this quad around the whole time. Hungry? Ride the quad to the trailer. Want to swim/boat? Ride the quad to the dock. Want to sit by the fire? Ride the quad to the fire pit. There was NO walking done this trip!
Hailey decided to test her mother's fear levels and swim in deep water!! That's her in the pink box (and blown up larger to see). She wore a life jacket the whole time and was very very brave. My heart on the other hand was beating very very fast.
Paige (bless her heart) was too afraid of the water for most the weekend. The old me would have encouraged her to swim, the new me was fine with her staying far far away from the water.
In Elkford with Ben's family - the girls LOVED the bubble machine
Hailey also loved the crafts she got to do during quieter times
I wasn't feeling very good this trip...and Ben's dad was feeling even worse (if an ambulance trip to the hospital with a very painful kidney stone is any indication of how poorly he was feeling), so my camera sadly didn't get much use at all after this picture. But we did a LOT of quadding in. We saw some spectacular views and just really enjoyed the time together as a family. It was a good way to end August.

Stay tuned for my next post...all about "Firsts"

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Christine Hill said...

YAY! I love how you zoomed in the pic of Hailey swimming...nice:) She did awesome and because of that Parks did awesome too!