Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A blog from my iphone

So there are lots of times when I'm running around or even doing really fun stuff but don't have my camera. I would love to blog about this kind of stuff, but what's a blog without pictures? Not worth it really. Anyway, I've discovered a solution...the blogger app. I'm not sure how this will work, but I thought it would be a fun way to blog about the pics on my phone. So here is a glimpse into our summer via the iphone camera:

Bike Rides...Hailey and Paige's view from inside the bike trailer
Calaway Park with the Taylor's

Camping Sept Long with Nate and Tan and Kids...these two LOVED each other
Cute babies sleeping
Spray park poses
Calaway park with Becc and her boys
Late night decorating for Birthday Parties
Spray park in teeny tiny bathing suits
Trips to the dentist for us all
Well...this was fun. I think I'll do it again. Maybe I'll find some more random pictures and share them on here.


Tanya said...

Love Paige in the itsybitsy!! What a fun summer - bet you can't wait for next year already:)
I also meant to comment on your post about Hailey in preschool - you sound so much like your Mom in that post! Very sweet!

Francis Family said...

Love the random blogs, I think they are my favorite. the birthday looks great! Love the tiny swimsuit too. ha

The Harker Family said...

Very cute! Your girls are sooooo adorable! Love those cute buns! Looks like you had a fab summer!

Anonymous said...

Great camera on your iphone. Love all the pics, especially the girls' view from inside the bike trailer. ;) :)

Christine Hill said...

blogging from your iphone...hmm i like that:) great post!

The Taylors said...

What a great idea! Maybe one day I will be iphone savvy like you and download that app. For now my iphone spends too much time in the wash/rince cycle of my washing machine. True story.