Monday, September 12, 2011

First...Dentis Visit

So Hailey and Paige both had their first visits to the dentist this last month. Hailey's a thumb sucker and has two cavities that even I could see. So we knew we had to get her in soon. Paige just came along for the ride.

Hailey...what can I say about this child? She just breezes through life like she already knows what's going to happen next. Nothing phases her. She had no problems with the lights, or the glasses, or the loud buzzing of the polisher, or any of the visit. She was such a trooper!

Paige warmed up pretty quickly and let the hygienist count her teeth and inspect them. She wouldn't let the dentist anywhere near her. Which was fine...really she's only two.

"Mom look...I have teeth!!!"

I was the proud, sappy mom with the camera. I've been a little extra emotional lately and even the simplest of milestones has me nearly in tears. I thankfully held it together for this appointment...and will hopefully be ok when they freeze Hailey's mouth tomorrow to fill her cavities. She'll be fine I know...I'm the concern:)


Christine Peterson said...

Cute! Where did you go? Looks like My Family Dental? I'm guessing. That's good that Hailey was good! It's good you brought Paige too, so she knows.

Sarah Holoboff said...

Hailey is such a trooper!!! you have such fun cute little girls!

The Byams said...

over emotional.... is that a sign of something.....just saying! jk

Christine Hill said...

hahaha Brooke's comment!