Monday, August 29, 2011

Still in July Here

My goal is to catch up on July sometime before September here's another attempt:

Hailey turned 4 this year. I still clearly remember the day she was born (that's what us moms do though). It was a HOT HOT night, we had no AC, I had a bad case of PUPPS (google it), I was D-O-N-E being pregnant. Ben had just had wrist surgery that day and was knocked out on pain killers. I said a little prayer that night when we went to bed, pleading with my Heavenly Father to let this baby come ASAP. Then at midnight on the 14th of July Ben and I both woke from pure itchiness due to the PUPPS, Ben from pain in his wrist. We gave Ben another strong does of Painkillers and then went for a walk to work off the pain...or something. We came back an hour later and went back to sleep. At 4 am I woke up...heard a pop...then saw my water break all over our nice new mattress! I tried as hard as I could to wake Ben up but he just wouldn't stir (darn pain meds/wrist surgery), so I called Ben's Aunt to drive us into the hospital in Calgary. We arrived with labour in full force...along with half of Calgary! I spent the next 11 hours of my labour in triage as I watched girl after girl deliver her baby in the HALLWAY!! It was a record breaking night in the hospital - and boy were things crazy! My mom arrived and we waited until a delivery room opened up for me. Soon after I made it into the delivery room I got my epidural, Ben also got a few pain killers snuck his way (shhhh...don't tell anyone, I'm sure that was breaking a few laws), and then Hailey arrived!! I was exhausted! I was emotional! I was so in love with that little baby!

I think all babies are special and miraculous...but there's just something so special about your first. And something even more special about that baby that comes and heals your heart after a devastating loss. I honestly never thought I would hold a baby in my arms...and that she would be breathing...and that I would get to take her home. It was such an amazing and lovely feeling! I'm always so grateful to have her in my life...that I get to love her and cuddle with her every single day!

I'm also grateful that I get to celebrate Birthdays with her 4th Birthday!

4 year olds are fun because they get VERY excited to open their presents
4 year olds are fun because they make faces like this

4 year olds are fun because they still look so adorable blowing out their candles

Happy Birthday Hailey!! I'm so lucky to have a 4 year old to love and play and just enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

cute post, lots of wonderful memories. Give some extra hugs to my Hailey Ann for me. :)
Love, G-Ma