Saturday, July 09, 2011

The Triathlon

So I've been keeping a secret...sort of. Just a secret in the blogging world, but if you know my in real life or on Facebook then you know. BUT, I've been training for a triathlon...sort of. I haven't said anything on here before because I have never done a race of any sort ever, and I was scared if I put it in writing then somehow I would jinx myself. So I didn't blog about it.

Anyway, the last three months I've been semi training - meaning that I started to run (which I am absolutely terrible at), I continued with my swimming, and decided to ride my bike a bit more. Nothing hardcore that's for sure. I did make sure to get a good bike, run, or swim in every day - so I guess that's hardcore to some. Anyway, my sister Sarah and I have been training together/separately for this and although we were very very nervous about it all, we're SO glad we did it! We both came in under 2 hours! Neither one of us was last or even close to it...which I think is VERY impressive for two girls who don't run at all...aren't used to open water swims and haven't owned bikes for years. We kicked BUTT! And we're definitely going to do it again!

Here are a million pictures from my moms camera:

Me...getting suited up

Sarah and I ready to go

Sarah and I and Sarah's friend Mikyla

Me in my swim cap glory

Waiting for instructions

Waiting for the horn

More waiting

And we're off

Me finishing

Sarah and I getting ready to bike (I'm fighting with my shirt)

Sarah ready to go; Me doing up my shoes

Sarah taking off
Me taking off

Finishing the bike portion

Starting my run...I had some serious jelly legs and could barely even move

Me finishing the race...sooo happy!

Sarah finishing the race!

Our cheerleaders and us

Mom and us girls

The triathletes

And that's it! It was way better then I expected! The people were amazing and it was really a ton of fun. By the way...if you're curious, my times were: Total - 1:43; Swim (500m)-17 min; Bike (20km)-55min; Run (5km)-31 min


Laura said...

Ok now I do want to do one, can I join you for the next!! Looks like a great day!!

Jeni said...

Booya! I love triathlons and they are zoo addicting! Congrats girl, that's awesome!

Anonymous said...

Let's make a plan to ALL do it next year! Way to go Meagan and Sarah!
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

I was really pleased and impressed.
Love, Dad
PS Mom says I'll do the bike portion next year. No promises.

The Harker Family said...

Awesome! Good for you! Very impressive to have trained with two little girlies at home. I'm proud of you!

Francis Family said...

Awesome!! You made it look fun, which I would never think it was! ha.
and ya I agree with Caroline, training with kids at home. Good job!

rebecca said...

wow Meagan! You're are seriously my hero...don't think I could ever do that! :) way to go!!!

The McGales said...

Awesome!!! You guys are amazing. I can't wait to do the Fort Mac one. I'm gonna! Prob the easy one though haha Start out small right? Let me know if your gonna do it Meagan! I am gonna register this week sometime

Christine Hill said...

5k in 31 mins! that is awesome!! nice work Meg. it must be an amazing feeling!

The Hayhurst Family said...

Way to go!!!

Sarah said...

Wow those are great times!! I want to do a triathlon but I didn't have my crap together for this year. I can barely run 5k right now in 31 minutes even if I haven't done a half-k swim and an hour long bike ride, so great job!! I know the jelly-leg feeling well, though, as I did a super-sprint a couple years ago. Nowhere near as long as this one but it was butt-kicking enough! :)