Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Paigey...how old are you?

"Two" (with one finger held up of course)

So did ya know?

Did you know that my little baby went from this one day:

To this the next year:

And then this just this last week:

Can someone please tell me how that happened? How did she turn two?

Well she did...so I guess I have to accept it.

In an effort to show my acceptance to this unauthorized growing up, I decided to celebrate her Birthday. Her real Birthday was spent in BC with friends...but the next day we gave her some presents, let her open them, play with them and we let her lick her icing off her cupcake. Fun right?

Two seems to be a good age for Paige. She's talking a LOT more...she's playing a LOT more...and she's using the potty a LOT more. I like it...no I LOVE it! I just adore this little girl!


Sarah Holoboff said...

So exciting!!!!!
that picture of her laughing is priceless

The McGales said...

Ya I love that pic too! I was sitting at work looking through your post and I came to that picture and totally laughed out loud! She is way too cute!

Anonymous said...

You want to know how it happens that your darling little ones grow into equally as darling older ones? It happens every time you turn around. :)
When Josh was little I told him once that he was bigger every time I turned around and so he started asking me to turn around. It took a bit, but I finally figured out what he meant. lol
He was as cute as his siblings and almost as cute as his nieces and nephews!
Love, G-Ma

Annette said...

So cute! Watch out, before you know it she will be off to school.