Sunday, June 05, 2011

The big Ol' High School Reunion

This weekend was my high school reunion! I've been dreading this day for some time...and honestly I'm not even sure why. I wasn't miss popular in high school, so why did I suddenly think people who didn't care back then would suddenly care what I looked like now. But I was sort of worried that people would look at me and think "oooooh, so that's what you look like when you have kids." And not in a good way. One thing I am very grateful for is that one of my long term best friends (Laura) also graduated that year and we went together with our husbands. She was definitely my crutch for the evening and I needed one! Who knew all my high school insecurities would return for the night!

I was also a little bit worried about my in the answer to "what are you doing with your life?" I know that what I'm doing is important and amazing and oh so fun! But it really doesn't sound that glamorous. "So...I'm just staying home with my two kids - potty training, wiping little tushes - that kind of thing". Yeah, not so cool.

I also sometimes struggle with giving up my career. I mean it was a no-brainer to decide to give it all up for my kids...but I still wanted people to know that I did go to school, I got a business degree, worked for a few years in a pretty awesome career and was definitely going places. But how do you bring that up in a conversation 3 years after you gave it up? I didn't quite figure that out... so instead I just whipped out my phone and proudly showed the pictures of my amazing daughters. Because they're what matter right?

I was reminded of this very important lesson though:

Even though sometimes I feel like I'm struggling to figure out who I am and were exactly I belong in this huge thing I do know without doubt is where in belong in the world of those two daughters of mine. Right smack dab in the middle of it! And that's just where I want to be!

Oh..and just for fun. I thought I'd share with you a little project I worked on this week. I wasn't really sure what to wear to the reunion, so I took a picture of myself in a million outfits (these are just a fraction of them) and emailed them to my mom and a few friends for advice. Have fun laughing at them at my expense. Also, be prepared for a few funny faces, a lot of blurry pictures and a few guest appearances by my talented photographer (Hailey).


The Harker Family said...

I loved both of the outfits with the two different red heels, and the outfit with the nude heels. I guees I just love the look of heels! HA! So you have to tell us what outfit you decided to wear!

Anonymous said...

She wore the one where you can't see her head at all and she looked awesome!

Christine Peterson said...

I like the last red shoe outfit. I like posts like this. Next you should include where the clothing comes from, prices and stuff! That would be fun!

The Taylors said...

You looked great Meagan!! You didn't even need to stress all of those outfits would have been perfect! It was so fun, so glad we decided to go!!

Anonymous said...

You look so cute, I think you should start a fashion blog!!!