Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Okay...the winning outfit and prices!

So to honour my only guaranteed commenter's (Christine and Caroline..well and my mom too - oh and Laura as well) I'll re post the pictures again...but with prices so you can recreate the look yourselves cause I KNOW everyone wants to look like me (Sarcasm intended). Really, it's so you can see how cheap I am with my my clothes - I hardly pay over $10 or $20 for anything (except a few solid basics). Also the winning outfit will be identified (i.e. the outfit I ended up wearing that night). I know you're dying to see!


Ok...this was fun. I think I should post pictures more often and let people help me decide what to wear to all my big trips to the park, the library, or the grocery store. I really do hope to be the most stylish lady in the canned foods aisle.


Lahni said...

I like that you did this. I still want you to come shopping with me sometime. I went shopping today with my mom and she HATES everything I like so it makes it really hard to find anything.

Francis Family said...

haha! your hilarious, what a good idea! I missed the original post cause I was away but I loved it. ( You can add me to your regular reader list)
I also love your blog on the reunion thoughts because I feel the same way about mine in a couple years and if I am going to be where I want to be sort of thing. Anyways, great posts! You look great by the way!

Jeni said...

Ok number one, you look hot.

Number two, i am dreading mine too. Lucky for me I don't live in Calgary and won't be there when it goes down. Why do all of those stupid high school insecurities have to come back? That was 10 years ago and we are awesome!

Number 3, take me shopping cause I am spending way too much on my wardrobe apparently!

Amy said...

That's the one I was hoping you wore!!!

Christine Peterson said...

Sweet! You're the best. Hey I'm a girl and I love clothes :) I literally laughed out loud at the True Religion price comment haha I am a jeans whore. I was telling my Mom all the ones I have and she was like that's sick, but I found out that regular ol' jeans are just as good ;P I love these fashion posts.

The Harker Family said...

Very cute! You get some great deals in the US at Ross! Love that place and TJ Max! I can't believe those jeans are from old navy (the black ones). They are so flippin' cute!!!!!!! Oh and your True's. Love them! I love Seven for All Mankind too....designer jeans just fit so nice! Love the outfit you picked, but all were super cute!

The Taylors said...

Ok you are SO funny, I loved the last paragraph of this post, you are so cute. Great shopping habits! i also spend way to much because I don't have the patience to wait for deals!

Ashley & Caleb said...

Meagan!! The "winner" was totally the one I loved....good pick! I was going to call and tell you asap but forgot.

Anonymous said...

What a fun idea to post prices and stores. Now you just have to tell us what you charge to be our personal shopper. :)
Wait, you already helped me find the best jeans ever last year in Montana -- and for a great price!
And once again, I loved the winning outfit -- you looked (look) terrific.