Saturday, June 11, 2011

You've had a Birthday....shout Hurray!

Ben had a birthday last week. So naturally Hailey and I put our heads together and decided to plan a REAL party for this special guy. Because what would a Birthday be without a party? So we made our guest list (Hailey, Paige, Ben and I), we bought the presents, we planned the menu and we organized games. And then we were lucky enough to have few surprise guests (i.e. the Allred's who popped in very last minute).

We started the evening with some delicious food - Parmesan chicken, garlic mashed potatoes, potato skins, garlic shrimp, steamed broccoli, Caesar salad and bread sticks.

Then we played a little pin the clothes on Daddy...who got very involved in the process. (p.s. do you like Hailey's artwork...his Hair? Very cute hey?)

Then Dad opened his presents...with a little help of course

Then Mom tried one present on...

Then we ate cake...and mom sang a amazing rendition of happy birthday. A performance that may never be seen again!

Paige attended the party in her own style (i.e. naked) which meant she wasn't in any pictures. But it also meant she was spending a lot of the time on the potty...and may have been successful in that area. Go Paige!


Baker Family said...

Ya Paige!!! What a big girl she is...I need to see those cute girls again soon. It sounds like it was a fun party!

The Harker Family said...

I love the pic of you in the helmet! Ha, ha, ha! Too cute! What a great idea to have a b-day party!

The Taylors said...

Looks like a bumpin party!! Happy birthday Ben! Great artwork Hailey and way to go on the potty Paige!! And Meagan your shirt is so cute and you look great in a helmet!

Anonymous said...

The whole post is cute! Love the artwork (the hair!), the Momma in the helmet, the absent Paige (wtg, Paige!), the Dad with the blindfold, and everything. Fun!
Love, G-Ma