Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's an early Birthday...sort of

So Hailey's been wanting a 'real' bike for quite some time...and we thought that since that's just what parents were made to do, we would get her one. And since her Birthday so conveniently falls in the beginning of summer we'd get her one for her Birthday. But...we're cheap, and I have a hard time paying full price for anything. So we spent a LOT of time on kijiji looking for the perfect bike for our perfect child! We were lucky and we found a good bike for next to nothing...BUT we found it a bit before her birthday and this posed to be a bit of a problem. How could we hide this exciting purchase from her? Or how could we deny her the wonder of owning her own big girl bike for that long? So we just gave it to her early and decided to give her some small presents for her real Birthday. She really doesn't care anyway....especially since she's having so much fun!

We're really glad we gave her this bike when we did, because the very next day we went camping for our family reunion and all the big girls decorated their bikes and had a bike parade (in the rain). I can only imagine how devastated Hailey would have been if she didn't have a big bike to decorate. Thankfully I didn't have to imagine that....instead I got to see with my own eyes the pure joy of riding a newly decorated bike in a parade of other kids (with the help of g-ma who got all decked out in her poncho to battle the rain).


The Taylors said...

So cute!!!! SHe looks so happy. What good parents you guy are :)

Anonymous said...

What a great smile on Hailey's face! Love the pure joy!
Love, G-Ma

Annette said...

Love the parade. What a fabulous grandma to done the poncho and boots.