Monday, March 05, 2012

Valentines Day

You know when you're pregnant and every ounce of your brain power gets stolen by that growing baby in your tummy? Oh yeah, I know that feeling. It's the kind of thing that makes you leave a kid in nursery at church 15 minutes after church was over, or that doesn't remind you that you're NOT wearing a shirt when you take your preschooler to school (thank goodness I invested in a maternity winter coat that fully zips up), or the kind of thing that makes you forget all about the pictures you took on Valentines day...and then has you blog about how you didn't take any. Oops.

Well, I did take some. And they were terrible! Terrible in the way that it was dark, my external flash won't 'talk' with my camera, I had to use the lame-o built in flash, my kids were hungry, my husband was dirty and grungy from work and I was fat.

BUT they were great in the way that in a years time I'll be grateful that I took some pictures...I won't think I was fat (just pregnant) and I'll laugh at how cute my kids were. And in 30 years time I'll LOVE these pictures because I'll not only NOT think I'm fat...but wonder how I could possibly have been so skinny, and I'll miss how small and cute an perfect my babies were, and I'll think how totally HOT my husband was!

So here they are:

Making our heart shaped pizza:

Smoochy smoochy:

Lovely Happy (ish...if you don't count the two year old) Family


Anonymous said...

love the post and your recognition that you're not fat and that in 30 years you will be glad for the pics.
The pizza looks pretty awesome.
The family looks pretty awesome too.
And the smooch...

The Taylors said...

So cute Meagan! the pictures are great!! I love the smooch and the family photo! We never get those!