Thursday, May 29, 2014

Readers theatre

Hailey's teacher pulled me aside the other day as I was dropping her off to school (we had a late star tot the morning and I drove her instead of putting her on the bus). Anyway, she told me how Hailey had just completed a reading and comprehension assessment and blew the teacher away with her skills. She said that not only is Hailey's reading level WELL above her grade level, but her comprehension was way way way beyond what they had expected. Of course "I" knew that...she's my smart little daughter. She's a genius. No surprise. But it sort of is actually. I mean, we all think our children are brilliant...but I also know I'm super super biased. So it was so nice to hear that validation from someone who maybe isn't so biased...maybe. I mean, look at that blonde can you NOT just fall in love with her??

So of course I was so excited to see this reading in action at her Grade One Readers Theatre Night. It was the cutest thing. They painted the background, worked on their costumes and made the night so special and perfectly adorable. I really hope they stay this perfect forever!

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