Friday, April 29, 2011

My everyday life

It seems like I'm hardly ever in front of the camera (usually just behind it)...and thanks to a little project we put together with the sisters in my Relief Society at Church, I was forced to get a few shots of ME! We put together a little slide show/video of every woman that attends our church, and that's why I needed a picture of myself. The extra challenge was that we wanted the pictures to be of the every day variety. The kind of picture that shows what we actually do in our every day life. So I of course put on a cute outfit, did my hair and even put on a little makeup - because that's 'everyday' right?

I mean...of course we're this dolled up and happy when making buns. And my girls always have their hair done.

Or my computer desk is never cluttery when I'm playing on my computer and talking on the phone....I also NEVER wear sweats

And I always make sure the rest of the house if clean before I fold laundry. And I also strategically place the laundry so it looks messy...but really isn't.

So that's my 'everyday' life. Now just look at those picture again, and imagine my hair not done, my face without makeup, my girls still in their pj's with hair all over the place, my house cluttery and dusty and everything a little bit crazier. Now that...THAT is my EVERYDAY life!


The Harker Family said...

Ha, ha, ha! Love this post! Too funny! Same here...if you stop by my house during the week I am in sweats, no makeup, no hair done, and my kids are running around in their underwear! Very cute pics! You all look gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures, but love the comments even more! :)
G-Ma who always has her makeup on ;)

Francis Family said...

You and I must live the same life. ;)
Such cute pics, you'll be glad you have them in the future!

The Taylors said...

Cute Meagan!! I hope that night went well!!

Jared said...

Cute pics, and you do always look super cute!

Jared said...

Kay, that wasn't Jared making the do I change the name???

Annette said...

Fun post, love the photos. Laundry ... it never ends, only grows!