Friday, April 01, 2011

Some good ol' Randomness

So there's really nothing exciting to share these days. We're not really doing anything all that exciting around here. We've been playing with friends, we were still dog sitting this week, we got some great weather (but not enough to melt the entire enormous amount of snow we got this winter...but enough to enjoy), and we did a lot of relaxing/organizing/watching tv/decorating kind of stuff. Nothing all that noteworthy, but still worth doing.

So the weather...LOVELY. It finally melted the snow off our deck. And the girls got out and rode their bikes. Have I explained why we ride bikes on the deck? Well partly cause it's HUGE...and mostly because we live on a busy street, and this way I don't have to monitor very closely. It works for us. However, doesn't this one look too young to be on a tricycle?

Seeing this pictures gets me all nostalgic and makes me think about all the fun things I did with Hailey when she was Paige's age, and how HUGELY pregnant I was. It's sort of weird to not have a baby in my tummy right now, but I'm also enjoying the freedom it gives me. I really hope to have another baby one day (in the not too distant future), but right now things are good the way they are.

Speaking of good, Hailey's starting to really enjoy taking pictures with my camera. I think she's getting pretty good at framing her subject! Now if only her subject would cooperate and make a normal face...

And finally...something very random but so very worthy of being blogged about. I woke the girls up early this morning to get some pictures for a Relief Society project. I didn't feed them or even dress them first. I thought it would be like a fun sleepover / picnic type thing in the car. I just don't think Hailey quite agreed:

Anyway, that's it for now.

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Anonymous said...

I love your posts. :) Keep them coming.
Love, G-Ma