Monday, April 25, 2011

Girls are no fun...

There's just nothing fun about girls....nope not at all.

We don't get to buy girls fun things like a pink camo quad...and then let them play on it while wearing only pink.

They don't ask to have their picture taken constantly and strike beautiful poses every time...and they especially do not have their dad wrapped around their little fingers
They don't tell the most animated and fascinating stories about Princesses and their amazing adventures

They don't make hanging out in purple lawn chairs with gum boots seem so sweet

And they definitely do not rock the trike and tu-tu look. I mean...that's not adorable right?

I am NOT at all lucky two have two little girls. And I must be crazy to think it would be fun to have more. Because Girls....they're just no fun.


Sarah Holoboff said...

Does H have a black eye?

The Taylors said...

Oh man, they just kill me!!!! They are so cute and FUN!!!!!

Christine Hill said...

I just love this post! You cant get them more girly than that:)

Francis Family said...

Love it! I agree girls are the BEST.

Oh and I can't show Dustin that quad, he would be beyond jealous! He wants to get our girls a pink quad so bad.

angie said...

they are so cute. i love the tutu on the tricycle.

Annette said...

There is nothing better than rockin' a pink tutu!