Monday, March 28, 2011

A glimpse into my daily life

Sometimes my life is so wonderfully boring that I have to take pictures of little things like this:

A three (almost four) year old all dolled up and ready to splash in the puddles

Or that three (almost four) year old who refuses to wear clothes, and her 21 month (almost two year) old sister who wears them for her...on top of her own clothes

Or that same 21 month (almost 2 year old) who likes to sit and study the fliers...just like here dad!

These are the things that make my life just to so perfect...and just so normal. I love normal.

p.s. do you see that dog in the 2nd picture? No we did not get a dog...we're just dog sitting my brother and Sister in laws dog for the week. I have to say, I've learned a few things about dogs this week:

one - I'm still allergic

two - dogs don't like to listen to me

three - dogs remind me of a certain 3 (almost 4) year old I that needs to be reminded to pee all the time, be played with constantly and is ALWAYS right on my heel.

Anyway, we really have had a lot of fun with Ni-Ni here this week, I know my girls are going to be BEGGING me for a dog for a long time to come. They can just count their current blessings though because I like things as they are.


Baker Family said...

Such a cute post...I love normal too! Your girls are so cute!

Sue-Zee said...

So adorable. I completely understand the dog thing...Maelle is too young to ask, but her and her dad are going to be ganging up on me in no, I'm okay without :)