Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Huatulco - Days 1-3


Ben and I and the girls...aaaaaand my parents went to Huatulco Mexico last week. It was a last minute Holiday and I'm so glad my parents could come.

The entire trip was Perfect!

The food rocked! We ATE soooo much! We ate and ate and ate and ate....and when we weren't eating we were drinking Pinada's (aka virgin pina colada's).

And when we weren't eating or drinking we were lounging on the Beach (or chasing kids).

The resort we stayed at was marvelous.
The staff was amazing.
The company was perfect
The weather was to die for!

Now, to document the trip with photos:

p.s. I KNOW this is probably soooooo boring to anyone but myself, so feel free to just skim through the pics, I just need to record it all in detail for my records.

Day one (the flight)
We flew with Sunwing Airlines. The girls did great on the flight there. Hailey was captivated with the movies on my iphone the entire time and Paige was happy to eat and play and even nap. It was way better then expected! It helped that my parents had an extra seat beside them so we just sent Hailey over to sit with them, that left both Ben and I to deal with the Paiger.

At the Airport waiting to take-off. Paige was very into my moms bag...she can smell candy a mile away!

Day two (First day at the Beach)

We arrived once the sun went down (6:30 pm) so we couldn't see the ocean or the beach the first night. We did explore a bit but it was all a bit eerie because we just couldn't see where we were. So we were very excited to wake up and see what this place actually looked like.

Our room...the girls waking up to see the place. It was almost like Christmas!

The view from our room...we were NOT disappointed.
Me - day one (spray tan and all). Maybe it's vain to have a bathing suit shot of me, but I don't care! There are very few pictures for my from this trip and I will share the few I think I look ok in (eve nif my legs look a ltitle bit dwarfed in this picture).
Hailey couldn't WAIT to get her snorkel gear on... and I don't think I need to be biased to say that she was the cutest snorkeler on the beach
She was also a pretty cute Mermaid

Paigey LOVED the water (she's laughing not crying in this picture). She also gave her Bumpa and Bumpapa (or Grandma and Grandpa) quite the workout with her running and jumping in the waves. No fear I tell ya.

The resort we stayed at had three separate and private Beaches. One of the Beaches has a coral reef in it's bay and Ben spent a LOT of time exploring. We borrowed my sisters waterproof camera for the trip and Ben thought he'd take it out to explore underwater. Unfortunately the camera wasn't as waterproof as we'd hoped and this was the last picture we knowingly took with the camera.

Apparently the camera still took pictures though. How did we know this you ask? Of course we still randomly posed and pretended to take pictures (because we're cool like that). Who knew they would actually work:)

Hi mom!

Day Three (camera still on the brink of destruction)

A day the sport Beach. We had LOTS of fun at this Beach, we took the Sea 'kayaks' and Catamaran's out for a spin, we played in the sand, we lounged on our chairs...

And of course we drank Pinada's (and the camera still mysterious took pictures)

Later that day we went to La Crucecita (a 40 peso taxi ride away) and shopped in the little market. This place is SO different then Puerto Vallarta. I was expecting some serious bargaining to happen...but instead we basically paid list price for anything we bought. Which honestly, is fine. If I can afford this trip, I can afford to pay the asking price for anything I buy.

Another unknown shot - playing with Grandma's trinkets she bought in La Crucecita

And that's it ... for Day's 1-3 at least.

I'll post days 4+ later....I might even have had a little Mexican camera miracle - so stay tuned!

Edited to ADD pictures from my Mom's camera:

First Night:

Hailey saw an itsy bitsy spider and freaked out! She literally jumped on my leg and wouldn't let even an inch of her touch the ground until the spider was gone. WOW!

Day Two:

Getting the kids all 'hatted' and ready to play in the sun

Snorkle Bum

Playing 'rook' Mexican style (Those are phase 10 cards...that we re-labled so we could play our favourite card game)

Day Three:

Hailey and Ben coming back from a Kayak ride
Walking around La Crucecita...everyone loved the blonde kids!


angie said...

definitely the cutest snorkler on the beach! i don't have to see the others to be sure of that.
i am happy you got to go on such a fun trip...but a little jealous.

Francis Family said...

So fun, and so jealous! You look great, and it is NOT vain cuz you are a hot beach babe! So flaunt it woman! ;)
Your girls are so cute, as always!

The Taylors said...

I love that Paige loved the waves so much. I got daring and put bubbles in Mya's bath tonight, and she freaked right out, terrified of them, hahaha. i can't imagine taking her to to ocean! that trip looks liek it was soo much fun!! Take us next time!

Tanya said...

Great pictures and info - I feel like I can have a mini vacation just looking at yours! Not quite the same... but happy for you, anyway!

Lahni said...

Looks like fun!

Anonymous said...

It was soooo fun! I laughed again at the way Hailey sprung into the air when she saw the spider -- and then grabbed your leg as she was coming down. :) And the cute snorkel bum. And the candy smoocher.
Love, G-Ma