Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Huatulco - Day 4

Day 4 (FUN!)

This was the day that Ben and I went on a Jet ski/Snorkeling Tour. Huatulco is centered around 9 Bays along the coast, all of which sport some amazing Beaches. Some of these beaches are in protected National Park land and are only accessible by boat. Which is why the jet skis were so important. We toured most of the bays and coves on the jet skis and then our guide brought us to one amazing beach so we could snorkel. It was pretty fun!

Waiting for our bus to come pick us up and take us to the Marina

A view from the Main lobby...still waiting for our bus

A pic of us just before we dove in the water for some snorkeling

The Beach we left the jet skis on while we snorkeled...we're pretty sure this was a boat access only kind of beach

One of our guides took pictures of us under the water with all the cool things we found and held - like blow fish and starfish etc. We bought the pictures off him and didn't realize until we made it back to Canada that all the pictures of us were missing from the CD. Oops. What can you do though? There were tons of us on the jet skis and tons of all the fish he saw...just none of us under the water. Oh well.

Anyway, my parents watched the Girls for us while we went on the tour (we're very grateful)...AND we were lucky enough to make it back into time to catch these little trouble makers eating ice cream in the snack bar/restaurant.

We loved the snack bar - it was located right off of our favourite Beach (the snorkel Beach) and it provided us with ice cream, hot dogs, hamburgers, fries and Nachos ALL day long. The girls especially liked having some recognizable food to eat!

After the ice cream, Ben took Paige back to the room for a nap and Hailey, my parents and I hung out on the Beach.

We found an Iguana on the rocks just off the beach. Hailey was pretty excited about this guy...which is shocking since she Freaked out over s spider on our first day there:)

My little Beach babe....I just have to say: She was soooo beautiful this trip. The humidity made her wavy hair a little bit more curly and she just looked like the perfect little beach babe the whole time! Don't you agree?
So that's Day 4 - I'll post the rest later.

P.S. Did you notice that my camera was working again? We woke up to a fully functioning camera - definitely a Mexican Miracle! We just made sure to not bring it under water again.

Edited to Add Pictures from my Mom's camera:

While we were parents took the girls to the 'theatre' to watch the practice for our nightly dance/theatre performaces (I have to say, these performances were entertaining....very entertatining:)

My parents took a kayak out for a spin that afternoon (after we'd returned)

Hailey and the Beach


Sue-Zee said...

So gorgeous! You guys look like you had a blast!

Anonymous said...

Love the top picture of you and Ben on the jet ski.