Monday, February 22, 2010

Good Job Running!

We like a LOT of praise in this house. Hailey cheers me on for EVERYTHING!! For example, the other day I was opening a pickle jar and struggling - just a teeny tiny bit. So Hailey starting cheering, "just a bit harder mommy...a little more...keep trying...YAY!!! You did it! You're a big girl mom!!". Or today when she announced she had to go potty and we were no where near one - so I picked her up and ran! When we got there she clapped her hands and said "Good job running mom - you did very good!". There's nothing quite like a personal cheer squad!

Here's a pic of my cheery little two and a half year old (a little washed out by the flash I forgot I had on).

By the way, for my records a few other cute things Hailey says these days:
-Mom does crap = mom does crafts
-Where's my crap-pack? = where's my backpack
-Dad will shwish-ix = dad will fix it
-I want shwoo-shoops = I want fruit loops
-I want creamo = I want Ice cream
-Hello Pager = Hello Paige
-Run a me = Run with Me
-Say De-dong = ring the doorbell
-Dad a White trash = Dad's White trash....bwahahaha. That's totally his own fault. He taught it to her to say about me (because we are cool like that) and it totally backfired. Because of course Mom's not white is!!


Twyla said...

i love this post! it was so funny! My kids had the crap word down pat at that age. I always thought it was better then the other word for truck that comes out. I also loved the white trash - that gets said around here lots. After reading this post I thought how does Maegan know what is going on in my house!

The Harker Family said...

That was hilarious about the "white trash thing". I died laughing! So hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Good job posting! Yay, way to go!!
Oh, and by the way, what kind of craps are you doing these days?

Love and hugs,

Francis Family said...

Dustin and I do that exact thing, (the white trash) all the time! So funny.