Thursday, February 18, 2010


So the missionary finally came home! We had a fun day - we did lots and lots of waiting. Ashley's flight flew out of Texas...right in the middle of the biggest snowstorm in history (well, I can't actually confirm the 'in history' thing, but there was a LOT of snow according to the news). Which of course meant her flight was hours later, which then also meant she would miss her connecting flight home. She made it almost home - and in the end we all decided to pick her up in Calgary and forget about her connecting flight to Lethbridge. Really, Calgary is so much cooler - I might be biased though. Anyway, it wasn't the best situation for everyone because a lot of people couldn't drive up here in time...but it all worked out. Ashley was SURPRISED to see us. Tears were shed, hugs were given and lots of good memories were made.

The sign Lauren and I made
Paige anxiously awaiting Ashley's arrival

Here's a picture of Hailey and the return missionary...Someone's playing shy

Then this last weekend the family decided to get together for a little ice fishing and little quading and a little sledding. We had a lot of fun...I had a lot of fun, after I calmed down from my little freak out over driving the car on the ice that is. Honestly, there is something soooo wrong with driving your car on water. So wrong. But it was fun. We all lived.

Ben and Paige on the ice

Paige and I

Hailey and Addie - I love their faces. I asked them to smile and this is what I got. Gotta love 2 year old.

So that's it.

p.s. Look who's trying to crawl!!

I don't think she's actually anywhere near being successful, but she's sure trying! Cute eh?


The Taylors said...

very nice sign! how fun to have a missionary home. I need to take my kids sledding, I have only taken them once this whole winter! Looks like fun!

The Harker Family said...

What beautiful pics! You all look fabulous!!!

The Harker Family said...
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Anonymous said...

So cute that Hailey was acting shy after she was so excited!

Anonymous said...

Good thing this mother/grandmother didn't know about the car on the ice until afterwards because I didn't have time to worry THAT much! :)
I can imagine Ashley was surprised because she probably didn't expect anyone in Calgary. What fun and what a cute picture of Hailey being shy with Ashley.

Anonymous said...

Awwww, and Paige is learning to crawl. She's so sweet, and of course I;m not a bit biased.