Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sometime after the move

So right now, my life is broken up into two periods...before the move and after the move. It's funny because it's been a crazy time and everything really has been such a blur. But I need to keep records of everything we've done, so when life calms down (it will right?), I can look back and remember that things weren't always just pure chaos. We did enjoy the summer. I do have happy beautiful children. I do have a great husband...and maybe I do need to start working out again.'s out, this picture log is to remind myself that even when the going gets tough....I still need to get my butt going.'s amazing what two months can do to ya.

So anyway...the first thing we did after we moved (i.e. the day after we moved) we went camping with the Taylor's and my sister. We had so much fun! Hailey had so much fun...Paige had so much fun!

I'm honestly so in love with those pics of Paige (courtesy of the Taylor camera). Mostly because it captures Paige perfectly...the way I get to see her. She is the sweetest happiest baby ever. BUT - she's not a fan of strangers or big crowds or anyone that wants to take her away from me (or looks like they might). Which means, in the comfort of my own home she is all smiles and giggles; when we're out and about you don't see that so often. And that's why I love these pictures...that's the Paige I am blessed to see every day!

Hailey and Heidi hit it off...Hailey and Jadyn hit it off too (sorry no pic - by the way, these camping pics are all courtesy of the Taylor camera). I think Hailey's favourite thing about the weekend? The barbies in the sand! There's nothing better then playing with girls who understand that life really is all about Barbies and Princesses.

Paige and her Cousin Max getting dirty!

A little dinner with the crew.

So after that little trip we took a break from camping for a few weeks. We worked on getting settled into the new home, getting the old one ready for renters and so on. And mostly we just worked on getting excited for the biggest day of the year...

My brother Josh got MARRIED!!! To the sweetest girl ever (who happens to be Ben's's an interesting story, but the result is that they really aren't related in anyway, just connected). We (as in the whole family) are so happy that they found each other! What a perfect match!

We tried to get a picture of the girls in their dresses...this is the best I got.

I love Hailey's goofy little cute!
Paige and I were there too...although Paige was a bit blurry. I'm blond by the way...which I guess is not a surprise to many of you. But at least my hair now matches!Ben was there too...just not in the pictures.

The next day we had my family over for some dessert and to see our new home.

I think Hailey has a bit of a crush on Hondro...

Then the following week we went camping with Chris and Lauren and Jaxson. It was a cold rainy weekend. But that didn't stop Paige from hamming it up for the camera:

Or Hailey and Ben enjoying some ice cream by the campfire

Paige did get worn out though - totally out. We went for a walk and she fell asleep...about an hour before bedtime. So I got some cuddle time before I finally gave in and put her to bed.

After that camping trip we came home...cleaned the house and prepared for our next adventure to Waterton with the McCance's (pics to come soon). We had a somewhat rainy week at home The story of this summer)...and were lucky enough to spot this gem. If you look closely, you can see the faint outline of the second rainbow. This kind of beauty is what makes my little 3 year old's her, the world should be full of princesses, and princes, and Rainbows and all that kind of stuff. So it's nice when it actually is!

So...that was what we have been up to the few weeks following our move. I have one more post with pics from Waterton. And then, I'm finally caught up...for now that is.


Tanya said...

Ooh, I love the rainbow picture! I'm pretty bummed we didn't get to come see your place with the boys, but I'm glad at least Hondro was a good guest:)

Jewels said...

love the Paige pics, and the one with you and Paige cuddling, and the rainbow... so many great pictures! You're totally inspiring me to get my camera out more often! (which, sadly, isn't saying very much!)

Francis Family said...

You guys have been BUSY! That's awesome you are enjoying every bit of summer though, your kids probably love it!
I love your hair blonde! You look awesome!!
Oh and your girls are so dang cute and getting SO big!!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. I love the picture of Hondro and Hailey. Love the picture of you cuddling Paige -- no need for much of a work out judging by your perfect figure. Love your hair. Love this blog.
Love, G-Ma :)