Wednesday, September 08, 2010

A quick Compare...

So I've been going through some old pictures of mine and putting together little groupings for frames in my home. One of my frames has 8 spots for pictures. For this frame I decided to use pictures of the girls at various stages of their first year (i.e. First day, blessing day, first time in the exersaucer and 1 year old). It's interesting to see how different they are! I normally think they look so much alike - because they really do. But in these pictures I can see so many differences. I'm curious to see how they grow...will they be little clones of each other like my sisters and I? Or will they have their own unique features, but still be obvious siblings?

We shall see.

Hailey - July 14 2007

Paige - June 26 2009

Hailey - October 2007

Paige - September 2009

Hailey - November 2007

Paige - October 2009

Hailey - September 2008

Paige - August 2010

One thing I do know...I've got some cute little girls:)


The Taylors said...

I loved the comparison, you are right they have a lot of differences, i think the last two as they were older look the most alike though. Cute girls Meagan!

hope you enjoyed your last camping trip last weekend!

Francis Family said...

I love comparing siblings. I do it with my girls all the time.

They sure look like sisters but ya they definitely have their own looks. They are so cute though!!

akathemom said...

Wow, Hailey looks a lot like your mom in that last pic!

rebecca said...

how fun Meagan! I always thought they looked so much alike can definately tell they're sisters but they've each got their own little look. Darling girls. :( we miss you!

Lahni said...

They ARE cute. I think they look alike but definitely not clones. They each have their own little features. Without looking at the names I can tell who is who, even in the baby pictures. I think the biggest difference in them is their eyes. Hailey has very distinctive eyes - very pretty eyes.