Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I do not make happy babies

Seriously, there is something wrong with my genes because I'm two for two when it comes to tough kids. The thing is, Hailey was a hundred times easier as a newborn than Paige. I was really hoping for that 'easy as as can be' second child. We're between weeks 6 and 7 right now - when it's supposed to be getting easier according to...everyone, and well, it's NOT!

So Ben and I have discussed it and he's pretty sure it's my genes...I think it's his. His reasoning is that he was the easiest baby in the world plus he's the easiest person to get along with now - so there is no way a screaming baby is his fault. He's also pretty sure that even though my mom says I was her easiest baby - that she's just saying that because she has to. And he also thinks my personality today plays a role in it all - read: I'm obviously not that easy to get along with. I'm pretty sure it's his genes that are causing this problem....my reasoning? Well, I'm not that easy to get along with, so I don't need any reasoning :) Ha ha ha.

Anyway, I'm sort of at the end of my rope with this kid. I thrive on structure and routine (ok...honestly I thrive on sleep - a good 9-10 hours of it, and I'm just not getting it). I'll be so much happier once Paige is on a schedule, but right now she's soooo far from figuring it out! I need her to sleep properly, and to eat properly and to stop screaming all the time. She's just not a happy camper. But she's just soooo sweet, sweet enough that I'll keep her around a bit longer! For example, this moring, after a particularly rough night I held her in my arms, tears still fresh on my cheeks, and said in my exhausted and somewhat defeated kind of voice:

Paige, please do better

And her reply?
The sweetest most adorable smile ever.
It's not her fault, she's obviously just so uncomfortable, and we're really really hoping something works soon. We're not sure what it will be, but she surely can't be like this forever! Right??

Anyway - Paige-alicious, we love you! We're really so happy to have you in our family!! Hailey loves having a sister, Dad loves having another pretty girl to show off, and I just love you!!


Jeni said...

ohhh sweet little newborns. it will all get better!!! very very cute pictures!

Lahni said...

Oh Meagan, I feel for you. Let me know if I can do anything for you. Maybe Hailey could just come over here and play sometime?
Also, I think you should try giving her formula every once in a while so that you can get a good night's rest and Ben can do the mid-night feeding...How do you think he's like that?

Jewels said...

awww beautiful pictures! sorry things are hard right now! eventually (probably... hopefully...) you'll be able to look back on this as a short period of time in your life that was hard! you'll get through it! it sounds like you're still doing a great job even though it's tough!

The Caballero's said...

Oh Meagan, I know so much of how your feeling. It's so helpless and hopeless at the same time. My first, Noah, was tough tough TOUGH. It started at 2 weeks and lasted for almost the entire first year of his life. I finally took him to the doctor and we were told he had Colic. I felt even more helpless because everyone has different ideas as to what that is and how to treat it. I was introduced to a book called "happiest baby on the block" by Dr. Harvey Karp. It saved my life. Really. I was at my wits end with this screaming, never happy baby. It gave us a routine to get him into and once he got used to it, life was bliss. Well... not really. He was and I think always will be a schedule kind of kid, but I liked that so I didnt mind so much. Once we knew how to deal with his 'mood swings' it wasn't as earth shattering as it once felt. Our next baby is due in January, and Im praying with all my might that I have the easy baby this time around! I also know of someone who gave pro-biotic drops to their fussy baby and it made a world of difference for her. I wish you the BEST of luck. I know how tough the days can be let alone the long nights by yourself. Hang in there!

Aaron & Stacey Salmon said...

I'm so sorry Meg, I know how you feel. Ty was a VERY dificult baby as well. I hope she turns around and improves soon!!! It is amazing what us moms go through and still stay sane!

The Harker Family said...

Oh Meagan as I was reading your post I thought to myself I totally know how she feels. My story is the exact same, but I promise you it gets easier (the whole sleep thing) as they get older. With both Camden and Cadrien it got better around 11-12 months. I know it seems far away, but it will come around sooner than you think. Ben and I also ALWAYS say that we are not meant to have children because our genes explode into a demon of a creation! Ha, ha, ha! But of course we adore our children even though they are challenging. I don't think a single parent has thought that at one time or another that their children weren't challenging, although the degrees do vary! Just think, at least your children are spirited and exuberant children. Who on earth would want a well behaved, obedient, quite child???? Where is the fun in that! I certainly wouldn't....or at least I tell myself that! :-)

Dionne said...

My commiserations, Meagan. I've been there and know how hard that can be. (Still kinda there with 2yo Spencer: I got to introduce him to all my cousins at the reunion with an apologetic "Don't mind him - he's just antisocial.")

Would it help at all to know that a difficult baby isn't an indication they'll be difficult later? Matthew was extremely colicy, but he's turned into a great teenager.

OK, so maybe that doesn't help when you're extremely fatigued. What gets me through? That lovely little quote from Finding Nemo, "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..."

lisa slocombe said...

Ohhhh, I feel for you!!! ruby was the same way, a screamer every night for hours and hours and hours. hugh would sometimes find me crying in the rocking chair at 2am.
then finally our family doc recommended us to a pediatrician here in ok (dr. friesen)and he got her on some medication for her tummy. it was instant relief. she started sleeping 10 hours straight. it's called ranitidine, which is the baby version of zantec. we don't usually do rx drugs much around here, especially for babies, but it was seriously the only thing that would work. i tried EVERYTHING!!!
good luck, know that things will get better, and remember how fast hailey has grown? it'll go that fast for this little one too. BIG HUGS!

Jewel said...

Hang in there Meagan!!! My babies were the same way, I've yet to have a baby that was just chill and loved to sleep. You are such an awesome mom and Paige is a lucky baby to have you! Adorable pictures too!!!

Lori Anderson said...

Hi Meagan,
Thanks for sharing your feelings-- I've definitely felt this way before. Things will work out. Sometimes I think Heavenly Father has to give us the experience of a difficult child, in order for us to appreciate when they get easier! We wouldn't really get how great it was to get a full night's sleep if it happened every night. I still don't like it, but that's what I'm thinking. Hang in there! And I would love to help with anything you need. I could pick them both up some afternoon so you could have a nap? Is Paige taking a bottle yet?
And btw, you aren't hard to get along with!