Thursday, September 03, 2009

Through the Monitor

Just had to share:

A few days ago, during one of Paige's many difficult days, she decided to wake up from her nap early (like an hour to early). So in my frustration I let her cry a little...and when I say a little I mean it, it was probably a total of 3 minutes. As soon as we heard the first cry through the monitor Hailey perked up and said "Paige a Sad". and I replied and told her that yes she was sad and mom would fix it in a minute. I went back to my email - anything to distract me from my crying baby. And literally less then a minute later I heard my darling little two year old daughter through the monitor trying to soothe her baby sister:

"Paige...a soo-soo (soother)? Pleez? Night-night. Be happy. It ok. Paige...a Sad?? Shhhhhhhh"

If that is not the sweetest thing ever, I don't know what is. Anyway, I went up and grabbed the baby and Hailey and cuddled them both. I'm so blessed.

Now if only we could get Paige to sleep. Speaking of which. Thank you all so much for your replies to my last post. I just have such a hard time with newborns, part of it is my hormones/emotions and part of it is that I have sensitive little babies. I've taken pretty much all your advice, I've been swaddling Paige again, I took her to her uncle the Chiropractor and I've been giving Pro-biotics! All are great things...none have brought about miracles. But I'm hopeful something will click soon. We're going to get moving on the bottle thing here pretty soon as well so I can get a break just once! And eventually her schedule will start getting easier...because I LOVE a baby on a schedule. But I'll just keep trying and trying and eventually she'll be a perfect baby. Which honestly she sort of is if you don't count the sleep thing, and the crying thing (which is sort of what babies are supposed to day anyways, so that's perfect right?)! I'm counting down to the three month mark - that will be where I go crazy if things aren't better by then! We'll see. Grandma came out for a few days this week to help and we're so grateful for her...thanks mom!!

Anyway, I'll update on our family Holiday we had last week in another post later...I just have to get my hands on some pictures! But a quick summary of the week would be - FUN...and just a bit tiring! Later.


Baker Family said...

I LOVE that the big sisters LOVE their baby Paigee's. That's really cute that Hailey is so concerned about Paige. I've had to teach Elle that it's ok when babies cry cause she cries...but I still find Elle in Paige's bed trying to get her to stop crying. If you ever want to send Hailey and Paige over here for a break, we would love to have them! Hang in will get better.

Karen said...

awww that is so cute!!! whenever our baby is sad ben says, uh oh SAD!!!!!! yes thanks ben. I feel for you. briggs is 6 months and was up all night last night :). It will get better...maybe when they are two i don't know :).

Anonymous said...

Besides saying that this too shall pass, I guess I only want to say -- keep writing! Not only will this keep you sane, but it's really fun for us to read and you have a ready made journal to read to your little ones when they're older.
I love spending time with you and your little ones (and Ben, too, despite the picture in your next blog LOL)
Hugs and love,