Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's Thursday

It's Thursday, I'm trying to simplify my life, so here are 4 pictures and 4 quick comments.

She's Cute:

And so is she:
These two have lots of fun together:
And this freaked me out:


The Taylors said...

ahhh no way! Crazy Ben!

The Stanfords said...

He looks really excited, and she's at the other extreme. Haha. I love that picture.

Baker Family said...

That's such a funny's always do little stunts like this. haha. What a cute picture!

Angie said...

aahh, that would freak me out too!! crazy dads, why do they do these things!

chantelle said...

wow...thats crazy! I would die! lol doesn't look like she is having as much fun as daddy

Anonymous said...

That's my comment on the last picture.
As far as the other pictures:
1. That is the cutest picture of Paige, what a charmer!
2. I love that little Hailey is eating a grilled cheese sandwich, drinking a drink from Wendy's and has a bag of fries from Macdonald's beside her -- great nutrition and an even greater picture, no prejudice twds any one fast food place, right?
3. And the picture of Hailey and me, what a fun time that was. She's a doll.
Hugs and love, G-Ma