Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I don't know how you guys do it...

I was just reading through some of my friends blogs and decided to take a little trip back in time on Jeni's blog to when her little Natalie was born. How did you do it girl?? You posted something almost every single day!! Where did you get the energy? For me a good day is one where I actually get dressed....a really good day means I put a bra on...and if it's fabulous, I might even shower and brush my teeth. So you can tell when I'm actually blogging, I'm either just totally crazy and sleep deprived...or I might just be having a really really fabulous day (you can make the call based on how much sense I actually make when I type).

Anyway, today I'm just totally sleep deprived. Hailey is trying to teach her mom how to NOT sleep through the night. It's not that she cries or anything, she just grunts and groans the ENTIRE night! She definitely has some gas issues and I'm still trying to figure them out. But until then, it means I hardly sleep anymore. Everyone keeps telling me the first 6 weeks are the everyday I find myself counting down until week 6....that was at least until Tan told me I should really be counting down until month 6. Ahhhh!! Anyway, I think what I'll do is try to enjoy these sleepless nights because she really is a total doll...even when she's screaming! And one day she'll be sleeping through the night, and morning and all the way into the afternoon and all I'll want her to do is clean her room or something. So, I guess a few weeks (or months) of no sleep will be OK cause she'll more than make up for it later....she's just lucky she's so cute!

Anyway, here are some pics of the princess when she is sleeping.

I've got to figure out what to with her's a bit out of control

Doing the wake up stretch She's really funny to watch wake up....she's all stretches and grunts...too cute!

Here she is in her little carrier...she's so sweet and so tiny

And then you zoom out...she's really really tiny!

And here's dad showing off his skills with his cast arm...he's getting pretty good!


J B & N Rawlins said...

OK you are funny. Now dont think that just cause I was blogging that I was dressed, had my teeth brushed or had a bra on... BELIEVE YOU ME... I did not have these things done at all. I mean, like you there were days. BUt my drive to blog was my parents. Since they didn't live near me I knew I had to post pics and stories for them... so I did!
But remember each baby is sooo different and so wonderful!! Thsoe sleepless nights at first will go away I promise.. and you wont even rememebr them. OK one bit of advise from me if you dont mind... I read this AWESOME book which i am sure you have heard of. BAby wise. I swear by it - my cousins, and lots of family and friends told me about it. Now I am not one to read books as to how to do things like raise my child... but i tried it and I am all about it now! Try it out - Natalie was sleeping though the night by 12 weeks... ok maybe like 14 weeks... but ever since has been WELL WORTH IT!
give it a try if you want, but I love it!
She is soo cute though, I love her hair!

Jewel said...

Hey, I have days when I don't shower, no brushed teeth or getting dressed for that matter....only I don' have a new born baby as an excuse!! (I call it practising for the day when this baby does just over 3 months...but hey, you can never be too prepared right!!!!)!!!! You are doing awesome. She's pretty cute!!! I bet this summer will fly by for you! What once seemed like 2 or 3 or 6 days in a row with no sleep, will all just be a blur! Enjoy it as much as you possibly can (and be sure to share those sleepless nights with Ben! No sense in getting yourself too run down!!!). I can't wait to see her though!

The Taylors said...

Meg! Love the pics! She is so cute, I love her blonde hair! I have an idea of what we can do with that hair too! lol. Hey and I don't think I ever wore a bra for those first few months, it was just pointless when I was constantly taking it off to feed anyway! Jeni is right, babywise all the way! Too bad I read it too late the first time around!