Sunday, August 26, 2007

We've got smiles!!

So Hailey is now smiling tons for us! Seriously, she is one happy baby! She's still not too sure if she's ready to smile for the camer, so we have to catch her when she least expects it!

Besides that, not much is new around here. Hailey is growing like a weed, Ben's working hard, and I'm doing my best to keep things together around here. I actually mopped the floor the other day...what I would do for a cleaning lady (or man...I'm not picky). That would be the life! Anyway, here are some pics of the babe smiling:
And oen of Hailey and her proud daddy:

And one of me and Hailey....all the pictures of me are taken on Sunday cause that's the only day I actually do my hair and put makeup on.So I've decided I probably need to start thinking about getting back in shape...I know I have plenty of time before I really need to worry about it, but it can't hurt to think about it now. It's been 6 weeks and I haven't done a maybe I'll start working out soon or something. Who knows, I might just hang out in this post baby grace period just a little longer...I'm allowed to be chubby for a while right? I wonder how long that is though? Eventually people are going to start wondering whether I'm pregnant again or not so one of these days I've got to make sure it's clear to everyone...I'm just a little chubby!


Emily said...

The smiles are so precious! Yay for smiles!

Jewel said...

You LOOK awesome Meagan!!! Chubby? I hope I look that great. You are already back in your normal clothes so I think you are doing awesome!!!! Sweet photos of Hailey!

The Taylors said...

You do not look chubby at all! I love the smiles!

Anonymous said...

She's so adorable -- of course I mean both Hailey and Meagan. :)

Love, Mom

Tanya said...

I just caught up on all your posts of Hailey! No kidding - growing like a weed - she's already a real girl! Love her love her:)