Friday, November 02, 2007

I like Pumpkins

But this one I love!

Ok - I'm not a not a pro at taking pictures...but I thought I'd play around with my camera and they turned out half decent. But it's definitely not something I plan to least not until I get some proper equipment, and maybe a little but of talent.

So we had big plans this year to take Hailey to some little trick or treat thing with Tan and the boys...but Hailey decided to get sick instead. The poor baby had a cold...which of course I got too - but 10 times worse. I'm still fighting this stupid thing. I used to never get sick...and if I did, I was better within a day or two. I guess that's the beauty of being able to sleep all day. But now that I've got a baby around she just sucks all my energy out...literally she's sucking everything I have. So, I'm still fighting this stupid cold and really hoping it's nothing worse. You know I'm not feeling well when I pass up things like: seeing my new little niece Addie in person or celebrating Carson's 3rd Birthday. Seriously it's breaking my heart that everyone is getting together tomorrow and I have to stay home...but I'm sure no one wants me around if it means a three week old Addie gets sick. So that's why I'm not going....but it still makes me sad. I'll just pass the day away by playing on the computer...sleeping when Hailey naps...watching bowling on tv (I'll admit, I watched 2 hours of bowling already this week...can you say white trash???) and maybe....and this is a big maybe...I'll clean my bathroom. I had a little accident yesterday... not that type of accident. I was trying to do the whole mouthwash thing but I was too tired to get a cup and too sick to drink straight from the bottle - so I tried pouring it into my mouth. As it turns out, I never got good at the aiming for my mouth from a distance thing...I must not have played enough sports...or maybe all the time on the bench during basketball games meant I never had to drink any water from a bottle. You know, if you don't even break a sweat, you don't need refreshing. Anyway, I missed my mouth with the mouthwash and poured it all over the floor. And since I was sick I just left it theory was that since it's mostly just alcohol it will just evaporate away and no one will notice a thing. Turns out there's some sort of sticky syrupy stuff in it...seriously how can that be good for your teeth?? If my floor is now sticky...imagine how sticky my teeth must be! Anyway, that's what I plan to do tomorrow.


Randa said...

im not sure if it helps when you are both feeling so crappy but the pictures are really cute!

The Taylors said...

Cute photos! I thought they were professional until I read what you wrote, nice work!!!! Sorry to hear you are sick, that sucks!! I hope you feel better soon, like by Tuesday maybe!! ;0)

Jewel said...

Hope you are feeling better and that Hailey stays healthy too. Sweet photos!! You do have talent!!!