Thursday, November 22, 2007

Okay...I need help!

So I don't expect much of a response because I'm sure most of you stopped checking my blog a looong time ago...I'm sure you got bored of the lack of posts. Anyway, for those of you that are still reading...I need some decorating advice. Right now our house is sort of boring...when we built it we only could choose one paint colour and that's still what we have. I alway planned on painting, but never got around to it. Well, now that I'm home all day I think it's about time I made this place look really nice. I want to paint an accent's a picture of what it looks like right now:

What I don't want to change:
  • the layout
  • the carpet
  • the art work
  • the furniture
What needs to be changed:
  • the wall calour
  • the art...i.e. it NEEDS to be framed!
  • anything that will make it less boring
So here is one idea:

And here's another:

What do you think? Please don't pay attention to the horrible editing's rough - but who has time to make it perfect? NOT ME! I think if I were to frame the pictures that's what they'd look like...although they'd be hanging straight and the angles wouldn't be crazy like they are...once again - I just don't have time to make it perfect.

Anyway please....what do you think? I know there are people out there that don't post or's your time! Please let me know!


oh...and watch out, there will be a bathroom decorating post coming soon. I have a stupidly over sized 'powder room' that needs some serious attention. But that'll come next!


Jewel said...

Meagan, I LOVE the first shot you edited (don't get me wrong, the red is nice too but there's something about the first color that I love!!!!!). Please tell me you aren't actually going to paint it yourself too! That would make me feel just too much like a slacker!!!! Good for you to have the energy to even want to change things! Seriously though, your place is gorgeous, no matter what color you choose!!! (By the way, in answer to your question, this baby is STILL over due. Maybe I need to come up there and help you paint and that might speed things up!!!)

Anonymous said...

Hey! I really like the top one(the green one)!! I thought it really matched all your decorations :)

The Taylors said...

Ok before I even saw th photos I was thinking about how much I have always loves red feature walls, but from the photos I fell in love with the other one (was it greenish or something) Anyway so i would definitely go with that! And maybe I am weird btu I actually like the look of the photos unframed!!!

amy said...

I guess I'll be different, and say I really like the red wall. You could add a mantal just above the fireplace to give it a bit more umph. :D Also, I like the idea of having a huge piece of artwork covering the TV with hinges so you could push it back when you want to watch, and cover it when it's not being used. Hope that makes sense. And just so you know, I'm not a crazy stalker, I'm an old friend of your cousin Talena. :D Happy Decorating.

Jeni, Brian & Natalie Rawlins said...

Oh here is what I think. I think that since you have kinda trendy blakc stuff which is my fav you should accent with red. I love that. I htink taht if you got a red shag carpet or even a dark grey it would look soooo classy! And then i say a RED accent wall woudl be good. but more red than that color you have on there. When you had said "here are the things we wouldn't change" I thought it said would and when I read the list I thought, hey I like the art work and furniture!! haha

Angie said...

okay, I don't see any green wall like others have mentioned but I like the brown, definatly better than the red. good luck with painting!

Francis Family said...

I definately like the first one, i think it's brown? I love brown right now and it's so in style! Both are cute but I love the first one best!

Anonymous said...

hi m!
i like the top better (though i though it was dark brown, not green). the red it to contrasting.
how about your fireplace? are you going to do anything with it?