Friday, November 16, 2007


(I got this idea from another blog I read...I love it because now I can remember all Hailey's stages)
At 4 months old you:
  • are getting bigger by the minute
  • are starting to giggle...just a little
  • love it when I put you on the're not a big fan of being held
  • can't quite roll over but you sure try
  • spit up sooooo much still...but not nearly as bad as before....thank you for modern medicine
  • make eye contact with everyone and give smiles away to anyone...but only one per person
  • make all the perfect noises every baby should
  • play with all your toys...well at least you grab them and try to suck on them
  • love your moms's way better than your thumb
  • still won't take a soother...but that thumb sure tastes good
  • eat every 4 hours and take three naps a day
  • don't wake up at night to eat any all
  • loooove your daddy and talk to him all the time and squeal with joy every time he holds you
  • still fall asleep in the car...but only if mom holds your soother in...or even better, her finger!
  • love getting your diaper changed...especially when you poop - that's funny
  • you only poop once a week, but when you do...we all duck and hide until it's over
  • have mastered the blank can give a mean glare too
  • love to watch tv...even though it's not always're always looking at it
  • make your mom and dad so happy....we love you!


The Taylors said...

LOVE THIS! What a great idea. That photos of Hailey is to die for!

Jewel said...

Sweet photo and so fun to hear about what she's up to!